question about task manager

By ros060
Aug 11, 2006
  1. when i click the processes tab on the task manager, i can see the a no. of programs are being used by different user. these are:
    1. my name(the name of my machine)
    2. system
    3. network service
    4. local service

    what do these various users stand for. i mean what kind of programs are they using? and what does this info tell us?
    please enlighten me! would be really thankful.

  2. joked u 2

    joked u 2 TS Rookie Posts: 128

    well there are all system process. and services.the network user is your computer's network services and process. ie dhcp, etc. system process are the stuff your os uses to talk to hardware. as for the stuff that says you are using(computer name) look at the bottem right corner of your screen and next to the clock you can see what MOST of the stuff is. i say most because so of the stuff you will see could be system drivers that are resgestred as a program under you as a user. every thing you see in there is running on your computer right now. i hope this helps!!
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