question and problem with network/my computer?

By crabpeople30
Dec 19, 2006
  1. hi, i've been directed over here after unable to find a possible spyware/virus problem in the OS and Software section...

    (this is pasted from that thread)

    perhaps then spyware is not the issue. I have automatic updates turned off, and everytime I boot up, shortly after I log in, the wuauclt.exe appears in the list of processes and begins to absorb huge amounts of memory. We have a network set up, and my computer then brings our usual bandwidth speed of 2200 kbps down to that of perhaps less than 500 kbps. If I end the wuauclt.exe process, the internet speed of everyone else's computer on the network speeds up to 1200 or so, not near the usual (mine only attains speeds of 800 or so). When my computer is totally removed from the network, the speed is at what it should be [and also when I boot into safe mode with networking]. Also in the processes, my svchost.exe is about 7 - 8x that of every person in the network (in terms of memory usage). My computer is being bogged down by something, and I'm then not sure what it is.

    If this doesn't provide any additional hints to what could be wrong, I'm thinking I'll just stick with plan B and wipe my hard drive. (the one with the OS)
  2. crabpeople30

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    here's about the network:

    It's just a little home network, 6 computers (including mine). It was at first thought that the router might be the problem, but we just got a new one and the problem persists. We have three computers upstairs and two downstairs, all with the appropriate switches and network cables.
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