Question - how to remove spoolsrv32.exe when unable to boot up?

By slimjim123
Aug 16, 2005
  1. Hi guys

    I'm a newbie here, and unfortunately don't have a lot of IT expertise - so I hand over to your greater wisdom for this one!!

    My Windows 98 laptop won't boot up (you get to the explorer screen, but the sandtimer keeps running so you can't operate anything). When you cntrl-alt-del, you get the option to close "spoolsrv32.exe" which I understand is a trojan. Unfortunately, even when shut down, it keeps attempting to run in the background. I've used AVG anti virus, but obviously it has failed to remove this rogue program.

    I've gone into "safe mode - command prompts" when rebooting to try and find spool *-*.exe files in my system folder and delete em. This doesn't seem to have worked either.

    Does anyone know if I can delete all this cr*p so I can boot up properly and install a decent anti trojan/anti virus scan (and probably replace my IT browser with firefox!)?

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  3. slimjim123

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    How to reformat the harddrive?

    Hi, unfortunately I've still been unable to get my machine to boot back up - guess that spool32 virus is still lurking (did try the suggested cure).

    I'm thinking of reformatting the harddrive, as I don't really keep anything important on my home machine so don't mind losing data.

    I'm just a little confused about how to do it. I've read that you go into DOS command mode and type Format/s C: to kick start the process. You then use the Windows (2000 in my case) disc to reinstall your op system, typing in D:\setup.exe. Please advise if this is wrong by the way!

    Now, my question is, I've read that I need to create a "boot disk", which most articles on the Web say is a floppy disc. Unfortunately, my machine only came with a D drive! Do I need this disc, and what exactly does it do (more to the point, how do you use it)? Also, can I create one from my work laptop (which is XP) and burn it onto a cd rom to use on my home machine?

    Yours confusedly

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    Go to, scroll down to:
    CD To Read/Write/Copy/Delete/Edit Files On NTFS DRIVEs
    Need To Flash Your BIOS On A PC With No 1.44 Read.1st
    MultiTask Utilities Suite 2005

    When there, click the bold file first and read it, and download the file under the 1.44
    you may need help from someone with a CD-burner.
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