Question re: Netgear router RP-114

By Gordy
Aug 8, 2006
  1. Hi
    I have had Comcast cable internet and am trying to switch to DSL , is getting to be way to much for cable . My router NetGear RP144 works fine with the cable internet modem, but I am having difficulty getting it to work with SBC DSL modem . When I unplug my router and hook the DSL straight to one computer it works just fine I can get online with no problem, but when I try to work it with the router for my 2 computers it doesn't load for some reason. I have been using http://192.168.1 for the Wizard Set-up in my router, and it isn't working when the program is finished. Is there something I need to do manually, or is there something someone can tell me to do differently? Thanks, MrGordy
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    Does your DSL use PPPoE? Meaning you need to enter your username and password to connect to the ISP? That is how most of them work I am familiar with. Try changing the connection type in the main router config screen to PPPoE setting.

    Also give your ISP a call, they should be helpful in your setup.

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