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Apr 21, 2004
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    I just wanted to know if anyone knows a website, or book that I could learn all of the "Computer Lingo" like what is FSB, or a multiplier of 13 = clockspeed. I know somewhat about computers, but in depth I really don't know anything. I love to come to this forum for advice, but I hate not knowing anything at all. I'd rather read up on this stuff instead of constantly asking for help :eek: this is to help me so I won't be completley lost; Trying to overclock my computer, or making my computer run very smoothly. Please help.

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    Webopedia has always been quite a good resource for me.
    Covers most abbreviations and technical terminologies.
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    When in doubt, check About.
  5. j0nstaR

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    thank you very much, those sites helped me out a lot. im planning on majoring in computers, this is a great start.

    thanks again,
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