Questions about External and Internal HardDrives.

By neowing
Jul 5, 2007
  1. Hello ? I have a question about External and Internal HardDrives.
    I want to buy Hard Drive because I want my computer Run Fast.
    Currently I have a hard drive : "wdcwd800jb-00jjc0"
    I am using "19.25GB" I think it is slow.

    The question is, Can I replace the hard drive that I already have and use external harddrive as "Main Drive" ?

    My concern is which hard drive run fast.
    And tell me what is different (or Ideal) between External and Internal Hard drive.
    Should I buy Internal or External hard drive ?
  2. sledgus

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    Hey Neowing,

    Harddrive size isn't the only factor in determining how fast/slow your computer runs. Atleast 90% depends on your CPU type/Speed and the Ammount of RAM you are running.

    Ideally, it is recommened that on the hardrive that your OS is stored on (Windows XP or wateva you are running) you have atleast 10% space free.

    Yes, if you have a 19.25GB hard drive where your OS is installed, and you have alot of files etc on there, it would be running slow.. Especially if you have an older, slower hard drive such as an ATA or IDE disk.

    The main difference between internal and external hard drives is the conveniance. An internal hard drive is obviously not as easy to take out and move around as an external. External Hard Drives are much more expensive (Sometimes up to 4 or 5X the price of an internal of the equivalant size!)
    Most external Hard Drives connect via USB 2.0, so before you even think of buying one, you should make sure your computer supports USB.

    Now, on the topic of using an external as a primary HDD, I have never heard of anyone doing that. I could be wrong, but I don't think it is possible. However, even IF it was possible, I would STRONGLY not-recommend it.
    External hard drives connect via USB 2.0, so your data access/bootup etc would be EXTREMELY slow! You think your computer is running slow now? If you had everything (including your entire operating system!) loading from a USB external hardisk, you would truly understand slow!

    If you were looking to make your computer faster, buy a new Internal hard drive, ATLEAST 80GB.

    I can help you make your computer faster. Give me your Computer specs (CPU type/speed, RAM, Operating System you are running etc) and I'll tell you what I think you should do :)
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