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By wirm
Jul 25, 2005
  1. Hi folks,

    I've got a Dell Dimension 2400 with 512 Mb of DDR RAM, and was considering adding some more.

    Newegg seems to have a bunch of refurbished RAM for pretty low prices, and I had a few questions.

    What is the difference between buffered and unbuffered RAM. Most of what I see on Newegg is unbuffered. Is it important? I don't know what kind I already have.

    I'm not certain if my computer is using PC 2100 or PC 2700. Does that make a huge difference? I've got a Celeron processor, and read somewhere that the RAM I have will run at 266 mhz.

    Any help is welcome. Thanks :bounce:
  2. just_a_nobody

    just_a_nobody TS Rookie Posts: 182

    Go to Crucial.com, and enter your computer's brand and model, and it should give you the correct type of memory to use. You do not have to order from Crucial, just get the mem info, just copy the info that shows up. You will be better off, if you use the same memory that you are using now.

    Download Everest: http://www.lavalys.com/products.php?lang=en

    Once you start Everest, select Motherboard/SPD and that should tell you what type of memory modules you are using now.

    If you do get faster RAM, and mix it with you existing RAM, then you might have conflicts, and the fast RAM will only run at the speed of the slower RAM.
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