Quickbooks alternative? Trying to create custom invoices.

By Rick
Jan 30, 2005
  1. I am trying to set up a customer who owns a movie reel shipping business with an invoicing system. I turned him on to Quickbooks as an industry standard, but told him I can't really recommend it since I don't use any invoicing software myself.

    He purchased Quickbooks and asked for me to make a custom invoice for him. But Quickbooks "custom" invoice system is a joke - Aside from relabeling fields, you can't make ANY changes.. Period.

    So I am looking for an alternative to Quickbooks. Something he can keep a customer database with, but primarily, something that is customizable. The basic Quickbooks layout is almost what he needs, but his business requires an additional third address field that cannot be added. Any suggestions? :giddy:
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  3. Rick

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    I'll check it out. Anything is better than QB at the moment. :unch:
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