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Quitting Out

By ColdBlizzardIce ยท 4 replies
Nov 27, 2005
  1. The current games i have been playing are quitting out on me. Usually no matter how long I play them, they quit out and say that windows has encountered an error. Usually seems when there's alot goin on the screen but then again it just somtimes freezes. This has just started happening about a day ago. Also my Windows Startup screen sometimes hangs for about a minute to 2 minutes untill it actually gets to the welcome screen and goes into the program. That has been going on every since i built my pc. The specs are in my profile. Help Please.
  2. Carobu

    Carobu TS Rookie

    First: could you please post some system specs like ram hard drive capacity current video card. If you don't know that go to start>run> and type : dxdiag then look at whats there to get your system specs and post them.

    Then are you sure you make minimum requirements for the games (I know this sounds stupid becuase you said you played them before)?

    Have you tried Defraging lately or how much hard drive space do you have left have you installed anything recently Post these things here and we can continue to help you.
  3. Carobu

    Carobu TS Rookie

    Sorry I didn't see that your specs where in your profile you definetly surpass min requriements for any game your trying to play but the rest of the questions are still applicable. And well your at it are you by chance using a sata drive?
  4. ColdBlizzardIce

    ColdBlizzardIce TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    thanks for the reply. I have currently 450 gigs left and yes i am running a sata drive. No i have not installed anything recently. This computer isnt connected to the internet either soo there is no possible way for viruses. I had a friend, while i was there, download to update all the drivers and he made sure that all the files were filtered. It doesnt make sense right now?
  5. Carobu

    Carobu TS Rookie

    Have you tried uninstalling 1 of the games and reinstalling and seeing if it works if that works then try with the rest.
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