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Apr 9, 2007
  1. i want to rack mount my PC. i'm a musician and i use my PC for audio applications only. to fit it in my rack with my samplers and synths would be very handy and keep things more organized in my studio.

    shopping around i see stores offering 19" rackmount cases. The rack i use (again, for music modules) has a width from mounting strip-to-mounting strip of 19", but the actual width of gear in the rack is about 17 1/2". are these 19" cases going to fit in my rack?

    also, what in the world am i shopping for? any suggestions on where to buy it? i'm finding lots of stores that offer pre-built rack PCs, but i just want the case. some stores offer custom-made cases, but that shouldn't be necessary, should it? i also find stores selling Server Blades and Raid Array cases, but i just want a simple PC case to fit:

    ATX motherboard
    7 PCI/AGP slots
    3 HDD
    1 FDD
    1 CDROM
    a couple fans

    it looks like 4U is the smallest i could get, yes? how much interior room will that 4U leave me? i may want to add some LEDs or other mods later.
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    rack mount pc vol. 2

    well, i think i've decided on this case:


    my only concerns are the PSU and the rack rails. the website above offeres $8 "Fixed Side Rails." are these to help support the weight of the case in my rack? what do they connect to in my rack?

    as for the PSU... i'm thinking about buying one from this company. can anybody suggest one from the drop-down menu at the bottom of their page?

    i run:

    MSI K8n Neo Platinum mobo
    AMD Athlon 64 3000+ cpu
    nVidia GeForce 7800GS vid
    M-Audio Delta 1010LT sound
    2 SATA WesternDigital HDs
    1 IDE Seagate HD for backups
    1 CD-ROM
    and, of course, a FDD

    any suggestions appreciated!
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    Best solutions for rackmount pc

    I think for smartvm,com is the Best solutions for rackmount pc
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