Radeon 8500 drivers

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i keep checking back at ATI's site hoping that their latest display drivers for win2k will finally go out of the beta stage...

my patience is wearing thin and i'm afraid i can hardly wait any longer...
what i want to know is if i could revert back to the previous driver installed if i installed the beta (newest for win2k) one?

i dont wanna ruin anything cuz its running pretty good so far, but the temptation of making it better is getting to me :D :dead:


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thanks, rick. so what do i do if for some reason i want to go back to the previous driver? just reinstall the old one?
...and what do you mean by you "had ALMOST no trouble"? :D :p


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Are you using Windows 2000 or XP?

In XP, you can set a system restore point before you install the driver, or choose "roll back driver" once you install the new one and decide you don't like it. You may also install the old driver over the new one and everything should be okay.

When I say, "almost no trouble" I mean no trouble aside from the usual ATI driver problems. The drivers I'm using for Windows XP right now are working beautifully.. No problems at all.

Others I have tried have had the usual problems I have with official XP-certified ATI drivers. I find the betas usually better, although one of them was very poor at recording video and watching TV.


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thanks, i already got that a while ago :)

i didnt notice any performance boosts... it gave me a lower score for 3dmark2001 too.... hmm :(


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i installed the ATI's beta driver.... jeezus... it gave me a higher score than before...
my previous best was 6650.... now it jumped up to 6855 :D

...i hope there's no bugs in this one...

Per Hansson

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When installing a new ATI driver make sure that you first remove the old one ("ATI Display driver" listed under add remove programs in control panel...)

If you read the install document it actually states that there...

And yes; I just found out to that the as of now "old" beta driver posted on ATI's site works better than their "new" WHQL certified one...

Though the old driver doesn't seem to be able to run the "Advanced pixel shader" test in 3DMark 2001 second edition...

...and the new one gives you fog in Need for speed 5/Porsche Unleashed, though it adds an annoying "2 second delay in menus"...

And it also removes support for Antistropic filtering, which in the beta driver was customizeable in 2, 4 all they way up to 16x in both D3D and OGL...

And all in all I think my FPS went down a tad by going to the WHQL driver...

So I guess we can conclude that the beta driver with version 6025 works better than the WHQL driver with version 6014 in Windows 2000 as of this writing...

Per Hansson

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Well I had nothing else to do so I did some tests on my comp with the following hard and software:

Abit KT7A mainboard, VIA 4in1437 driver, AGP 4.10 driver, IDE Miniport 3.14 driver and lastly Gorges VIA Latency patch v0.19

An Athlon XP 1700+ (1,466ghz) CPU (Btw it's the new one with green packaging :p

SB Live 5.1 Player soundcard with uhh, dunno which driver no it's at... The install file is 9,03mb and is named "SBLiveXPDrvUpdate.exe"

A Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 60 7200RPM 40GB harddrive

And of course the "built by ATI" RETAIL RADEON 8500 graphicscard with a 275/275 (default) clockspeed

The OS of choice was Windows 2000 Professional with service pack 2 and the "pre SP3 service pack" IE6 and a few other patches where also installed

The rest is as they say non-importante ;)

The text marked in RED is using the Microsoft WHQL Certified driver 6014, the BLUE text is using the BETA 6025 ATI display driver. Both can be downloaded at ATI's homepage.

screen res: 1152x864; hz: 100 (set with powerstrip so all games use this to…)

V-sync is disabled, under display properties for both D3D and OGL. SMOOTHVISION and antistropic filtering are disabled, under D3D only compressed textures is selected, z-buffer depth is set to 16;24.
And the last setting rasteration method for alphapasses is set to "use rasteration with diffusation of errors"
Under OGL Detail level is set to sharp(est), pageflopping, rasterazion, KTX buffer and pattern compression is enabled, everything else is disabled

OpenGL tests;
Q3 v1.30 demo "four" 1024x768x32/everything set on full: 121,5fps, 138,2fps
Deus Ex v1.112fm demo "intro" 1024x768x32/everything set to full: 85,5fps, 92,3fps
Medal of Honor Allied Assault v1.00 demo "intro" 1024x768x16

Everything under "VIDEO" except colour depth (16bpp) set to full/high(est.)
Under "AUDIO" set to "surround" and sound quality/HIGH
Under "ADVANCED": everything except dynamic lights, entity lightning and smoke is selected

View model is set to "FULL", shadows are set to "No Shadows", curve detail is set to "medium" everything else set to HIGH

AVG FPS measured with "Fraps" measuring started when the driver "dunks" in the trucks roof, and stopped about 4 seconds after the German has fired the rocket against the other truck...

2002-02-17 10:54:04 - MOHAA
Frames: 5105 - Time: 66105ms – Avg: 77.225 - Min: 22 - Max: 88

2002-02-17 13:07:44 - MOHAA
Frames: 5292 - Time: 65374ms - Avg: 80.949 - Min: 31 - Max: 89

Direct3D tests;
Max Payne v1.05 1024x768x32, HW T&L, everything set to full/enabled except filtering mode: Trilinear and screen buffers: Double

Demo "ending scene" was used and "Sirelvis" benchmark mod, score: 34,6fps, 40,9fps

There was also a bug here; in the beginning the game stopped for almost 4 seconds like it had hanged with the sound repeating etc but then it just continued... This bug was only present in the WHQL certified 6014 driver...
Need for speed 5 v3.5: 1024x768x16, under screen properties "alternate mittpoint for picturepoint" is selected to correct the text fonts in the game, an annoying 2 second delay is present everytime you change menu/start game with the WHQL driver... In the BETA driver this bug was not present...

All settings are set for their possible highest setting, wide screen is disabled...

I'm using my own demo here and record the averge with Fraps, I use the default view and start recording as soon as possible and stop when the car stands still after the goal line... (If you want to see the demo yourself you can download it here, just place it in your "savegame" directory in the root of your NFS5 install dir...

2002-02-17 11:24:08 - Porsche
Frames: 12162 - Time: 180690ms – Avg: 67.308 - Min: 28 - Max: 87

2002-02-17 12:22:49 - Porsche
Frames: 13930 - Time: 181961ms - Avg: 76.554 - Min: 29 - Max: 88

Conclusion: As you can see the BETA driver is far better than the "new" WHQL driver, there is only really two bugs in it, one is that it doesn't display fog in NFS5 on the level "Swarzwald" (the WHQL driver does this)
And the other is that in the "advanced pixel shader" test in 3DMark2001 Second Edition it just exits to the desktop; again with the WHQL driver you can run this test...
I am not that new, I just never bothered to get my post count transfered. It is not high enough to spend the effort. but I do read from this site a lot. There is a lot of useful information here. :grinthumb


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Very cool report, Per Hansson :)

...i had one problem with the BETA drivers though... so i installed the one from Rage3D
said by the good Per Hansson
When installing a new ATI driver make sure that you first remove the old one ("ATI Display driver" listed under add remove programs in control panel...)
yeh...i figured that out right after i posted my question :D
but i've been just installing the new one over the old one.... oh well. i'll uninstall next time.


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Delayed write...

The new beta's posted on ATI's site (6026 I believe) screw up my system beyond usability when I install them. I think it has something more to do with my system than the actual drivers though, because it seems to be happening with others now. But this did not start until I installed the betas mentioned above.

I uninstalled the previous drivers through device manager (as always), then installed the beta using the setup program. I restarted and was greeting with a well-undocumented, "Delayed write error". After freezing up, I restarted to be greeting by a blue screen in both normal and safe mode. I promptly ran chkdsk and it apparently fixed the problem.. But the same problem exists each time I go into normal mode.

I got a bit smarter and a went into safe mode after the chkdsk fix. Once in safe mode, I used system restore and everything was okay.

Any ideas? I'm probably going to format because it has been entirely too long since I have last done that anyway.

Per Hansson

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Well Rick they are beta drivers so...

I sometimes get a blue-screen with this message, though only when the computer has stood under the night and gotten down to room temperature and it only happens when I start it...

"Hardware malfunction, contact your manufacturer"

I think it is when the CPU on the GFX card heats up that it calculates something wrong; because when I'm up at "normal working temperature" I never get that blue-screen...

Oh and both the WHQL and BETA driver I tested above had this problem...

So therefore I guess it's actually a hardware peoblem...
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