Radeon 8500 problems

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I'm sorry if I am posting this in the wrong spot but I am new here. I have a Radeon 8500 128mb card in a gigabyte 4xagp dual athlon mp 2200+ server board running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. My problem is that the 8500 works fine...only when the drivers are not installed. The moment I install drivers and turn hardware acceleration up even a little I get what looks like the entire screen to be artifacting.

I've tried the newest omega drivers as well as the regular ATI drivers. I've also tried the omega 2355's with no luck. I've reseated the card and used canned air to clean it out as well. I tried it in a different computer but they were both amd's...I haven't gotten a chance to test it in a pentium system but i don't think thats the problem.

And for some reason I can't post links to pics of my problem...any help with that would be great too.


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i hate to state the obvious things that spring into my head, but
dual CPU board architecture and standard software, isn't that a problem? where did you find windows server 2003 compatible gfx card drivers.... i'm not sure how compatible server software and standard gfx card drivers are....
has the gfx card been tested in a standard system instead of a server?
why do you need to run a server with a power gfx card? i've read that intel to keep in line with AMD's 64bit chip are going the dual/multi processor route but there are major software implications, both with regards to 64bit, and, getting applications to utilise both processors

i'm no PC buff, but, that's what springs to mind for me
The card was tested in a non-server board. I tested it in a friends single athlon xp 1800+ with Win XP system and it still didn't work correctly. The Omega 2.5.97a (i think thats what they are) drivers say that they are server 2003 compatible. And a radeon 8500 wouldn't ,in my book, be considered a power gfx card now-a-days. But besides it being a server it is also used as a secondary computer so my nephew can lan with me....he's 8 and likes to play computer games...especially with me for some reason.

The story behind this goes as follows. I had a different 8500 that didn't have this problem, but one day i was taking it out to swap in a 9800pro to test for a friend and i ended up tearing off an IC. I RMAed it and got a new one or they fixed the old one..whatever they do. When i got the one which i now have, it had this problem. I then packed it up and let it sit around for a while replacing it with a gef4 ti4200. I then moved and decided to try it again just incase....and it worked fine. After that i used it until i brought it to a lan party and when i got home from the party it didn't work again. I've been tryin to fix it ever since. I've had server 03 on it since I had the first one.

Should I just RMA this card as well?
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