Radeon 8500 won't work any more.

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Hi guys

You may remember that I got myself a pretty 9800 Pro a couple of weeks ago. I then decided to replace the GF2 MX in the PC of my girlfriend by the one I had before in my PC, a Radeon 8500.

In my PC it worked absolutely without any trouble. The GF2 MX worked fine in her PC also.

Now that I have pu the 8500 in her PC, it won't work any more.
She has a *cough*Packard Bell*cough* computer which is not that bad ( Athlon XP 1600+ ).

If I use the 4.7 or 4.6 catalyst drivers, I can't even go past the XP loading screen. After it switches to the resolution I have set (1280x1024 on a 19" monitor), it goes black with some color pixels scattered there and everywhere.

What I don't understand is that I also have the same monitor and was using the same resolution on my PC without any trouble, but I had 2000, not XP.

I tried to install the 4.5 cats also. With those I can boot up, but eventually after like 20 minutes the VPU recover thing says the GPU has crashed and the display is switching to software and 16 bits.

I also tried to do a clean XP install (new HDD) and it's absolutely the same.

I have no clue of what I can do with that stuff .... Try alternate drivers ? (DNA, others ?) Some other ideas ?


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I would suggest putting back in the GF2 and completely uninstalling the old drivers, then reboot, and put in the 8500 and go from there.
Although with a fresh install on a new HDD, that doesn't make sense. I'd try putting it back in your box to verify it still works.


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A few things you might wanna try :
  1. Disable AGP Fast-Writes
  2. Disable Sideband Adressing
  3. Lower the AGP speed tp 2x (or worst case 1x)
    If you can identify the chipset used on the board, try installing chipset drivers.

    Via 4in1s (4.51 if you have a Via based board, nForce forceware (4.24 if it's a nForce 1/2 chipset & SiS drivers if it's a SiS chipset.


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Hey, don't joke Didou ... packard bell with an nforce board ? hehe

ok i'll try all that guys. anyway, lowering AGP to 1x shouldnt affect performance because I saw benchmrks on Tom's Hardware and there was absolutely no difference between 4x and 8x


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Well there were AMD systems from Compaq with nForce boards so you never know. OEM are quite fond of chipsets with lots of integrated devices & for AMD chips, the nForce is the best "integrated" chipset you can get.;)


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Wow. I thought Hewlett Packard went out of business. I haven't seen one of those since the days of Pentium II.

Taking a look at their website, looks like they only cater outside the U.S though. So that may explain it. :)

Probably still the same old s@#$. ;)


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Ok guys.

I tried disabling AGP, disabling FastWrites. Even rtied very old (3.1) CATs. None of them work. Underclocking the core / ram screws the display totally.

I got here a screenshot of the CPUID and of the chipset information.
Apart from that, I checked and the PSU is a 215W one, maybe not enough power ?

What do you think ?



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No, I don't even know what that is.
I didnt have any problems with the GF2 MX card though, without those drivers
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