Radeon 9200 crashing

By mhepburn
Apr 3, 2007
  1. I am trying to get my radeon 9200 128mb video card to work. After several days of it not being able to enable AGP (I made a post about that already) nothing was working so I reformated my PC, downloaded the latest and greatest drivers, and managed to get everything to work. I have a 4in1 via driver for my soyo kt400 dragon ultra motherboard that needs to be installed to make agp work. I have the correct driver for my card, and it worked for several days. Then, I downloaded a whole bunch of windows updates and it began crashing whenever I load a game, half of the time using vpu recover to restart, and the other half just restarting by itself. It also randomly restarts sometimes when I try using mozilla firefox or am just looking at my hardware config. dxdiag tells me that directDraw acceleration, Direct 3D acceleration, and AGP texture acceleration are all enabled, and they work properly when I test them. My ati (and omega, i keep switching between the two to see if the other will work) control panels both tell me that AGP 8x is enabled as well as AGP read, write, and fastwrite. I have my AGP aperture set to 128mb, and AGP read, write, and fastwrite all enabled in my BIOS. All that said just to say everything appears to be set up correctly until I try and load a game(WoW) and it freezes(although it worked with the same drivers yesterday, before I installed 75 windows updates). Any suggestions besides rolling back my windows updates and never installing them?
  2. robin_bga

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    wow that is a tough scenerio,anyway first dont set yo aperture to 128mb,leave it to default,then make sure that your primary vga is AGP that is all in bios setup.lastly go to control panel + administrative tools + event viewer then find out what exact causes the crashng,hanging etc.then repost a new question.otherwise i think its not your card but conflict in drivers.so u should think of catalyists.wish u luck. R

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    did u imstalled al hardware updates??? Crashing mozilla...hmmm...maybe u can beter test your RAM...use MEMtest.
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