RADEON 9200 SE DVD Playback Issues

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May 17, 2004
  1. Okay....

    I have an older Gateway system that I got back in '01. It's first generation P4 with the 850 chipset. The card I got with it at the time was the RADEON VE, which was based on the 7500 chipset. It's a 64 MB card and has pretty much run everything I've put through it. In fact, the one time I tried to update the drivers on it, I had to roll them back because it gave me the issues that I'm running into now.

    I just got City of Heroes and tried to run it on my system. The minimum requirement for graphics card is a RADEON 8500 or GeForce 2. So I went out and got a RADEON 9200 SE (since the 8500 is no longer in production). It plays the game absolutely fine.

    The problem I'm running into (which, like I said earlier, I ran into with the updated drivers on the VE) is with DVD Playback in either Windows Media or RealPlayer (InterActual, as well, for that matter). Any DVD I try to play will run through the FBI warning at the beginning, play through the normal studio crap and get through to the menu. Then, suddenly, it will reboot my system.

    Has anyone experienced this problem? What can I do to fix it?

    My system:

    Intel P4 1.3 GHz
    GB850 chipset motherboard
    256 MB PC800 RDRAM
    80 GB 7200 Western Dig HDD
    128 MB RADEON 9200 SE
    SoundBlaster Live!
    Hitachi GD-8000 DVD-ROM
    NEC NR-7700A CDRW
    MS Win XP Pro (Running in FAT32 not NTFS) SP1a
    DirectX 9.0b (All the reviews say it supports DirectX 8.1 only, but the box says it has full DX9.0 support)

    Currently running Catalyst 3.5 drivers (came with the card). I've updated to Catalyst 4.5 but it did nothing to change the problem, so my last load I left them at 3.5.

    I've done BIOS updates, driver installs, just about everything. Any advice?
  2. Playhouse

    Playhouse TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Anyone? Anyone? Something D-O-O economics...?
  3. agent47

    agent47 TS Rookie

    I just got a Radeon 9200 SE today. Plays DVDs fine, but it hangs. Freezes completely.

    It's not related to your prob but yeah. thouhgt i'd mention it. :)
  4. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    You might try to see if there is a hardware-upgrade available for your (elderly) DVD-rom.
    Or borrow someone else's DVD-rom to check if it is a hardware or software issue.
  5. Janan

    Janan TS Rookie

    How is your viral/hacker status? Any attacks lately that could have messed up your registry or files?

    This could be a form of registry problem. Roll back to a date before the trouble and reinstall latest drivers and check your video codecs. Remember: One driver, one restart.

    Also: FAT32 is not good for XP. Some drives might become unstable and thus downgrade your file integrity, thus damaging system files. Go NTFS, at least on C: drive and you might want to launch an XP repair session after that.
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