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Radeon 9250 256mb compatible with Vista?

By Berzer
Dec 23, 2007
  1. I recently purchased the computer listed in my profile, pre installed with vista home basic. i attempted to install my radeon 9250 and could not find a driver on the amd site listed under vista. the lowest ranged card was a 9550 but amd did not list a driver for the 9250 under vista. am i not supposed to be able to use this card? once i installed it into my system, it began to hang on restart. the system never went past the windows vista load screen. took the card out and system works fine so i assumed it was an issue with the card's compatibility with vista. i plan on getting an 8800GT soon but until then i'd like to be able to use what i had in my XP system. Is this even possible? I can run most games with the Intel GMA video that came with the system fairly well. what i'm looking to play are games like Halo, Half life, WOW, Fear, Unreal Tournament, etc.. The 9250 is a PCI card, not agp, non PCI-e. Would you reccommend an nvidia 8600GT would do well with this system. looking at my system specs what would be the best card to get to avoid a bottleneck issue with the cpu if there even would be one? i'm not looking to max out my system to play crysis but i'd like to be able to play *nearly* any game out there minus the extreme demanding ones like crysis.
  2. nickc

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  3. Berzer

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    thanks for the reccomendation. i thought maybe i was going overboard with getting an 8800GT. I didnt want to buy something too low that i would be missing out on some games but i didnt want to go so high end that i'd be throwing down 500 bucks on something i didnt really need. i guess the radeon is not going to work with vista. probably not supported by it, being that its sorta a low end card.
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    It's not supported by Vista nor is it supported by ATI/AMD any longer. New graphics drivers from ATI/AMD no longer include the 9200 and 9250 series cards since last year.
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