radeon 9550 on Intel motherboard

By Bagboy
Nov 19, 2005
  1. ok
    so i just got a
    ATI Radeon 9550 graphics card
    but whenever i install it
    windows just freezes
    when i put the card in the computer
    when you start it up
    im trying to look for the intel vgart drivers but i can find them
    my intel chipset is 845G

    so if anyone
    please doo
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    It would help if we knew which mobo (motherboard) you are using.
  3. truflip

    truflip TS Rookie Posts: 390

    lol u jus bought a non intel video card :p

    that means u gotta install a non intel driver hehe..

    in ur case.. u have a 9550..

    so first.. uninstall ur old intel graphics drivers...
    then go to ati.com and download the latest catalyst driver..
    turn off ur PC.. stick ur video card in and plug ur monitor in it..
    turn ur PC on.. install the ati drivers.. restart if u need to.. n tadaaaaa
  4. tommyo

    tommyo TS Rookie

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