radeon 9550 vs kasperky antivirus

By kisserprostyler
Dec 21, 2005
  1. radeon vs kasperky (dont throw your card away!!!)

    I got my radeon 9550 like 2 months ago, and eversince I havent been able to play any games.
    Playing with my bios,drivers,registry settings was useless,I couldnt figure out what the problem was . My games (or any 3d application) would freeze or restart by itself.

    I believed it was an overheating problem, but you guys here at techspot told me to download a program to monitor the card's temp, so I did ,but that didnt seem to be the problem.
    All that stopped yesterday, when i uninstalled my kasperky antivirus.I launched NFSU2 !!!and it was running smooth!!!.

    I think that this problem came from a conflict with SMARTGART,since it attempts to modify your computer settings,Kasperky treats it as a virus, but it doesnt alert you, it just wont let it do its job.
    I was gonna get a new power supply and a new fan for my card, but thank God i found out the source of the problem.

    I dont know if any other antiviruses got this problem too, but it would be a good idea to uninstall it if you are having problems with your card ,in my case,the problem was the file ati2dvag.dll.

    If you know you got the right gear , and your settings are correct , try this
    it might save your life (or your money at least)
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