Radeon 9600 & resolution at the startup (XP)

By Olja
Aug 9, 2005
  1. Hi guys!

    I have a really small but really annoying problem.
    Some time ago I decided to connect my pc and TV so I used Powerstrip to change some settings for TV picture. After a while I removed pc/tv connection since I bought a dvd that can play divX, I uninstalled Powerstrip and went back to "old settings" I guess.
    It was a while ago so don't ask me what I changed with Powerstrip but using pure logic – I only changed settings for output picture on TV, right?

    Well… after a while I noticed (usually something I don't pay any attention to) that while my Windows XP is loading (I am referring to Win logo and option to enter settings/choose booting device) my picture is smaller than it used to be. I have a 19'' monitor but picture is small as if I have a 15'' monitor. For some weeks ago I reinstalled the Windows because of some bugs, and I hoped that even startup picture size will go back to it's normal… but it haven't and I still have the same problem with small picture in the centre of the screen. Even during the installation the picture was small which is really annoying.

    Now I wonder,is there any chance to go back to... "factory settings" for my graphic card or something like that? I just want it as it was :eek:
    Apart from small picture size during installation of Windows and startup I have no problems with resolution what so ever.
    I have Radeon 9600 with latest drivers and using Windows XP Home edition.

    I would really appreaciate if someone can help me resolve this problem because it is really annoying and I have only a minor knowledge in stuff like this (so please, no "big" words" :D )

    Thanks in advance!
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