Radeon 9600Pro Locks up the pc during Gaming - Ati2dvag.dll error

By Pera
Oct 26, 2005
  1. I just put new parts in my computer couple days ago and I started having this problem. Whenever I play Dark Age of Camelot, the game randomly freezes and locks up the computer. What exactly happens is the game suddenly freezes and stay that way for about 30-45 secs. then screen goes blank and re-apperas with this messy graphics. like all the colors are messed up and all I see is vertical lines accross the screen. Finally the computer Reboots.

    One time I actually got a blue screen with the error message saying that ati2dvag.dll caused an error and something about an infinite loop. Here is my old system specs. Played DAOC with NO lock ups or freezes for a year.

    AMD Athlon XP 1500+
    512 mb DDR ram
    Gigabyte Radeon 9600 Pro
    400w PSU

    Upgraded it to:

    AMD Sempron 64 3000+
    1512 mb DDR ram (3 x 512mb)
    Gigabyte Radeon 9600 Pro (same card)
    400w PSU (same psu)

    Now the things I have done so far.

    1) Tried to run the game with the old 512 ram only. New mobo + cpu. DAOC locks up

    2) Put in the new 2 x 512 mb ram to have 1512 ram. new mobo+cpu. DAOC locks up.

    3) tried ATI drivers 5.10 5.9 5.2. 1512 ram. new mobo+cpu. DAOC locks up.

    4) Turned off Fast Writes and bring the AGP speed down to 4x. DAOC locks up.

    When I go back to my house, I am going to try to bumb up the AGP voltage to 1.6 or higher from BIOS and also try to blow a fan in the case to make sure nothing is overheating. Although I know my CPU is not Overheating because right after the reboot I check my CPU temp. and its running around 29-31 C.

    I also tried a couple different things.

    1) Turned down the AGP speed to 4x.
    2) Turned off the Fast Write.
    3) Upped the voltage about 10% from the original.
    4) Rolled back the drivers to 4.12.

    Now the game seems to work more stable, but it still locks up the pc. However this time the computer does not reboot and the game just freezes. Also now it seems like it only crashes after about 1 hour or 1.5 hours into gaming. I dled 3dmark and some other pc benchmarking software and my pc ran through them just fine without any lock ups. Also downloaded speed fan. My cpu runs at 31C during gaming and the vid card gets up to 55C.

    I am out of options but I still don' think its the psu because its not that my computer just reboots during gaming, but it is the fact that the game locks up my pc and if I don't hard reboot it, it stays that way. I also don' think its the vid card going bad because the vid card worked perfectly fine till about 3 days ago when I put in the new mobo+cpu and rams.

    I guess I am just out of luck...
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    Looks like you are doing good trouble shooting.

    What are the two MoBo's?
    Have you reinstalled windows? What OS?
    I'm not too sure about bumpimg the agp voltage
    but that does not seem to have made a real diff anyway.

    With all the back up stuff I use, I'm very willing to reinstall
    my OS when ever I run into un-identifyable problems.

  3. Pera

    Pera TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Old mobo: Elitegroup K7VTA3
    New mobo: GIGABYTE|GA-K8U ULi 1689

    Old CPU: AMD Athlon xp 1500+
    New CPU: AMD Sempron 64 3000+ Palermo

    New Ram: CORSAIR D400 2 x 512M VS1GBKIT400
    Old Ram: Not sure but its 1 512mb stick

    When I first put the new parts in I formatted the hard drive and re-installed the windows. So it was a fresh install...
  4. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966


    Search through the the forum here
    OS and Software
    For threads on mini dumps.

    We have members here that can diagnose them to tell you
    where the problems are.

    You'll need to attatch 4 or 5 of them in a zip to your post.
    I'm still learning to read them..
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