Radeon 9600SE installation problems

By greenfish
Jul 18, 2004
  1. Hello,

    I am having a nagging problem. I purchased a Radeon 9600SE a few months ago, and have yet to get it to work in my machine. I cannot even get the screen to show up. I originally sent it back to the company where I purchased it from, and they tested it and sent it back to me, citing that it is not faulty.

    I only get black on my screen as soon as I switch on the computer. '

    The Specifications of my machine are as follows:

    OS: Windows XP
    Mobo: Abit socket A M/B NF7-S
    CPU: Athlon XP 2000+
    RAM: 512Mb DDR 2700
    Old Graphics card: Matrox G450
    Sound: Soundblaster Live 5.1
    Onboard LAN, IEEE and the usual stuff.

    Now, my old graphics card (the matrox) works without a hitch, has done for years. I have tried uninstalling the matrox graphics driver then installing the new card, also without luck.

    The board has the AGP slot currently set on 1.5V. There is no 'soil' or other obstruction on the teeth of the card, and there are no addiitonal plugs from the card to the mobo...I am completely stuck, and frustrated that it will not work :S
    Any ideas?


  2. Raz

    Raz TS Rookie Posts: 37

    What kind of power supply do you have? Is it possible that it might be causing problems? Does the 9600SE have a fun and if so does it run properly?

  3. greenfish

    greenfish TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have a PSU 350V and it has a heatsink on it, not a fan. It -could- be the PSU I guess. Have run out of other ideas :/
  4. Raz

    Raz TS Rookie Posts: 37

    Fun? lol, as you realised I meant fan :eek:

    Anyway, if it worked until windows then it might've been software related, but as it doesn't work from bootup, it could be your PS. Perhaps theres some problem with your mobo agp slot e.g. doesn't correctly provide the needed voltage or something? Another thing, is your Matrox G450 PCI or AGP? Also, can you try another newish AGP card in your mobo?
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