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Oct 12, 2004
  1. i recently got a radeon 128mb 9600se built by ati. Before that i had a 64 mb Intel Xtreme 2. It seems that now my battlefeild vietnam lags a lot more than it did with the intel xtreme 2. The only difference is better graphics but i cant even play on the lowest settings without it lagging. If anyone knows why this might be happening please help me out becuase its too late to return it for a better one.

    and i hope this can help u out ..

    i have

    640 mb ram (pc3200)
    Intel chip based mother board
    Pentium 4-Ht @2.80Ghz
    160 GB Hard Drive

    if u need to no anything else just ask me

  2. Supreet

    Supreet TS Rookie

    First of all ATi 9600SE is not a good choice at all...its the worst card i've ever seen ... but it should work much better than the onboard one....i suggest u to some following steps: -

    1. Update drivers (Mobo, Video, Sound)
    2. Defrag ur HDD
    3. Check Bios carefully, set the AGP Aperture size to 64mb
    4. In the end, try Omega drivers..do little tweaking as well
  3. jms61290

    jms61290 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I updated my video and my sound. Game perfomance is the same. intel sucks cause they dont even have any drivers for my motherboard. i dont think it even exists on the site. i defragged it recently so theres no point in doing it again cuase i did it like 2 days ago. i dont know how to change the bios or even get there and i dont know how to set the agp aperture and what should i do in the bios when i get there? whats an omega driver?
  4. ---agissi---

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    How much says you havnt downloaded the latest version of ATi Catalyst drivers? Get them!
  5. Big Mike

    Big Mike TS Rookie

    not the card

  6. Neeeckla

    Neeeckla TS Rookie

    please tell me

    hi i want to buy a laptop with a intel extreme graphics card but i dont know how itl perform i would like to play games on it like need for speed underground and underground 2 and mostly half life 2

    so could you please teel me how does it perform and what games have u played on it and what settings


    :darth: :bounce:
  7. mailpup

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    With that integrated graphics, I don't think you will be satisfied with the way it plays Half Life 2. It may play it but not very well. Although the specifications on the retail box for HL2 don't say it (don't know why), your graphics card should support T & L and I don't think the Intel graphics does.

    I don't have the other two games you mentioned so I can't say anything about them.
  8. SiC124

    SiC124 TS Rookie

    Integrated extreeme graphics should not be used!!!

    All the people who are getting integrated extreeme graphics might think it sounds good because of the extreeme but it sucks u can get the update off intels web site but it hardly makes a difference if ur deciding to get it i sugest u get in touch with the manufacturer to get a better graphics card such as ati radeon or nividia g-force. :eek:

    hope this helps :angel:

    ps:remember to check if a fan comes with it, some dumbells complain about it over heating :haha:
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