Radeon 9800 All in Wonder Pro Problems

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Dec 2, 2006
  1. Hello everyone,

    My Radeon 9800 All in Wonder Pro video card is completely messed up, and always was. I was never unable to uninstall the drivers completely and reinstall them so my TV Tuner etc. would work properly. During start up I always get a "ATI Multimedia Centre was unable to load properly, please re-install". I've tried uninstalling with little success. It seems the drivers that were reccommended to me way back when are completely incorrect. The first time I installed everything though (this was when I first bought the card), it worked 100%. Then it prompted me to update my drivers, and ever since my Multimedia Centre has not been loading properly and gave me an error at start-up. I've attached the error I get when trying to install from the CD after uninstalling everything ATI related. If anyone knows what the problem is, I'd greatly appreciate the assistance.

    Thanks for your time,


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  2. SornyPanafonic

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    i had the same card and it gave me issues, after uninstalling your ati drivers you should go into safe mode and clean out the registry and then restart and install the updated drivers fresh (with the multimedia stuff and the remote control.) I believe that is how i got around updating it and installing it successfully. microsoft as some of its own ati drivers i think that xp installs automatically (i could be wrong.) So just download all the software from ati.com and then follow that procedure and you should be fine. its a really good card, i personally really liked it, and i still used the remote afterwards, so even when you move on you will still have that for when youre just too sleepy to pause married with children reruns.
  3. Phoenix2k5

    Phoenix2k5 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    Thank you,

    If you could give me details on which program to use or which registry entries to clear out I'd greatly appreciate it.

  4. SornyPanafonic

    SornyPanafonic TS Rookie Posts: 129

    Stupid spammer, ignore the penis growth guy and do the following -

    - unistall ALL ATI programs listed in the add/remove programs under the control panel
    - restart in safe mode
    - open REGEDIT
    - backup youre registry
    - delete hkey_current_user\software\ATI technologies
    hkey_local_machine\software\ati technologies

    - close and restart (normal mode)
    - the system will redetect the card and install default drivers
    - restart again once prompted
    - windows will install your monitor and then you install directx9c
    - now install the latest catalyst driver

    I went thru all of that, i actually just took that from an old post of mine. Hopefully it will work for you too.
  5. Phoenix2k5

    Phoenix2k5 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    I tried that Penis Growth Patch on my Video Card but it surely didn't work :(. lol.

    I followed your instructions but that just made things even worse... Thanks for the advice though, I'm sure you meant no harm :). Any other solutions?


    I now get an error saying "An error occured during the installation of the device. The paramater is incorrect." when the Windows device manager pops up... So I'm not able to install the default drivers now.
  6. MetalX

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    My advice is to go get a new video card. AND NOT ANOTHER 9800 SERIES!! You wouldn't believe the number of people who come to techspot with problems with their 9800 series videocards (particularly All-In-Wonder 9800s). Now I'm not blaming you at all. Please don't think that. I used to have an AIW 9800PRO too and I have actually smashed it with a hammer because it got all messed up on me and it caused me so much trouble. Anyway, almost all of them these days seem to be poorly made and I would highly suggest going out to buy another videocard. If you want a cheap all-in-wonder series card, try the All-In-Wonder 2006 Edition. It's pretty fast and not too expensive. Trust me. It will save you a HELL load of trouble.
  7. Phoenix2k5

    Phoenix2k5 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    The card is barely a year old, if this little **** doesn't start working I'm gonna be pretty pissed off 'cause I kinda just pissed away 300 dollars... I hope there is a solution that someone knows.
  8. Phoenix2k5

    Phoenix2k5 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    I've managed to figure it out. If anyone else has this problem just reply to this thread and I will give you a detailed step by step process of the fix. Note: this works for any problem that involves "The parameter is incorrect" to "Error applying transforms".


    P.S. Looks like I didn't have to buy a new card after all eh Metal? :p
  9. SornyPanafonic

    SornyPanafonic TS Rookie Posts: 129

    oh good stuff, i was reading down the thread and after your last post i was like aaahh sh*t i just ruined this guys card. well congrats on fixing it. as i said the card is pretty good, i used it all the time to record tv when i was away, its limited to like 125 channels which is annoying, but still good so you dont have to get a new card until at least a really good batch of d10x cards come out.
  10. MetalX

    MetalX TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,388

    Lol well you're lucky. Mine died after 6 months. I got it last december and it died in june. You might still need to get another one soon-ish but hopefully not if you're lucky.
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