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radeon 9800 pro 256mb not working ~_~

By Kraze ยท 5 replies
Sep 15, 2007
  1. okay, so i plugged in my ati radeon 9800 pro 256mb into my computer, booted up windows xp to see everything appear really sluggish etc. i thought that was normal since i hadn't installed drivers i installed the drivers and restarted computer..just to see it STILL being sluggish.

    this is what dxdiag looks like (i used catalyst first, when that didnt work got rid of it and tried out omega drivers, which still didn't work ~_~)

    catalyst 7.9

    omega driver


    my specs:

    motherboard: RS400-A
    cpu: intel pentium 4 640 3.2ghz Prescott Core
    ram: 1 gig
  2. beef_jerky4104

    beef_jerky4104 Banned Posts: 822

    Try using older Catalyst drivers.
  3. Kraze

    Kraze TS Rookie Topic Starter

    but omega drivers are based of catalyst older catalyst still doesn't work??
  4. Jase123

    Jase123 Banned Posts: 1,012

    Big video (640x480 and higher will make everything pretty sluggish.. Try Changing your screen resolution
  5. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    Make sure you have dowloaded and installed all the .NET Framework software from Windows Update site... Do the criticals too. There is no other reason why the latest Catalyst software suite 7.9 drivers shouldn't work for you. I'm running a Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 256MB card with them perfectly. Put the resolution to 1024x768 at least

    Get the drivers from here:

    The omega drivers are very, very old!
  6. Jase123

    Jase123 Banned Posts: 1,012

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