Radeon 9800 pro issues

By Gn0stic
Nov 1, 2004
  1. Been enjoying the Radeon 9800pro for about 3 months now. So far best card I have owned. Recently however after extended gameplay in 3d applications the graphics suddenly begin to "shred" Hard effect to discribe. Basicly starts at the center of the screen and bursts outwards, crazy colors and static. Have updated drivers and mobos several times to fix this to no avail. I pulled it out to test another older card and noticed it was extremely warm. Im not o/c and run everything optimized. When using the other card applications run just fine, albeit not as nice as they did with my 9800pro. Hoping someone has some insite, half-life in less than a month. I NEED THIS CARD!!!

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  2. grifterec

    grifterec TS Rookie

    just a thought

    I was having problems with my 9700 once i installed service pack 2. so i went to the ati website to update my drivers and it says 4.1 is most recent, when really its 4.9. I installed 4.1 everything was fubar, installed 4.9 runs great. try this http://www.ati.com/support/products/radeonwinxppreviousdrivers.html -gabe
  3. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    The latest ATi drivers are the Catalyst 4.10 (the .10 meaning 10 as opposed to 1). If changing drivers has not solved the problem, then it is unlikely that it is a software issue.

    Optimized meaning? Have you tried backing off settings such as AGP Fast Write, reducing AGP Speed to 4X?

    Have you tried it in another PC? How old is the card? Is it still under warranty? If so then you should try and return it.
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