Radeon 9800 Pro Problems

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Having some problems with my system, comp restarts or locks up when i start up any game. I first thought something was wrong with my RAM, pc3200 so i dropped down to pc2700. I have a matsonic board p4 2.6 w/ 800 bus, so pc3200 should work. With the pc2700 ram the comp continued to restart apon running any game, so i started wondering if my video card was acting screwy. I threw in my geforce4 and now everythings working fine. My whole system is new and i tested the ram and video card in other machines and they seem to work fine something just must be clashing in my system or perhaps my board is crap?? I'm not sure any help/advise would be great. Thanks :confused:
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Oh, i first thought it was a RAM problem because when i was installing windows xp the comp kept restarting/locking up and thats when i switched to the pc2700 ram. After windows was installed i put the pc3200 ram back in and windows seems to run until any game starts up.


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Could be a heat issue, or even a PSU.....

May be a bad card as well.....

Check your even log and see what it tells you....

What are your case and cpu temps w/ the R9700? How about the Ti 4600?
Have you changed your BIOS AGP settings?
... Perhaps it could help messing around with the AGP x, Side Adressing, and other settings... But it really is a weird behavior...

I would suggest you take this m0/=0 back to the dealer.


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Well hope diduo will answere this but I'll have a go at it. If you switched cards back to your g4 card and system works, I would definetly say it was driver related. When you installed your 9800 did you uninstall all Nvidia drivers first?
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I have a 380W TruePower power supply. I formated comp so there were no other video device drivers... my case is new as well, an antec sonata, so i dont think im overheating but will check that out tonight.
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