Radeon 9800 Problems! HELP

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Yea, so
I've had my radeong 9800 pro 128MB 256 bit for about 5 months now
I've never had a problem with it till the last 2 weeks
This is what happens,
So it's at stock speeds and everything, and when i scroll up or down on a web page, lots of white lines apear on my monitor,
when i try a game, it starts artifacting on me, crazy colours and everything
i restart and everythings fine
then 10 - 30 mins later, it starts all over again
I found that if i lower the clock + memory speed it goes away
but it's a reduction of like 50 MHZ!
This is really bugging the hell out of me?
I've updated drives and stuff, damn whats wrong with it
could it be overheating?
but i used to work fine
I dun get it,
Thx to anyone who has suggestions!


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Yeap, sounds like overheating. Open the case up and clean out any dust etc. in the fans, case etc. that's in there. That'll heat things up and slow down fans.

If that doesn't fix the problem:

Try adding a case fan or run the system without the side of the case on to be sure it's overheating before you go spend the money on a case fan, though they aren't expensive. Check the ambiant temp. in the room. Above 25 C? Try bringing it down, that should help things.



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thx alot i will try those things out,
i just gave my video card a good clean
it was full of dust, i was surprised
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