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Radeon 9800 series bad gfx problem! big puzzle...

By greyz
Dec 26, 2004
  1. hello all.
    for Xmas i just got a new PC its very nice one too but im having a problem with my graphics card..
    when i first used the pc i could play games etc perfectly the screen was fine no problems.. but but after a few hours the screen is having coler problems like on bits of the screen all red dots are appearing and in games the models have gone jumpy! i have tried re installing the graphics card, the drivers and changing all settings to minimum qualtiy but nothings gone right so far
    i cant of done anything wrong because it was all fine at first..
    it first started when i played my games the screen flickerd with all red dots
    then it happend to the desktop and now on games the models are badly messed up like.. on half-life a person is like all stretched up and spikey :S
    id be very happy if somone could figure out this because my father is going crazy that he just spent over a grand on a new pc and its not working!!
    and i think its making my eyes hurt :(

    i would post a screenshot but i dont know how to do that on forums.

    oh and i know this is my grahpics card because when i uninstalled it the screen was normal and on safemode but once i reinstalled it had same problem again.
  2. SiNz

    SiNz TS Rookie Posts: 21

    Similar Issue

    Yeah, same here. Except I have a Radeon 9700 PRO graphics and every now and then (usually like once every two days) the graphics will run vertical lines and dots flickering across my screen, and also messing up the graphics of the game I currently play (polygons are stretched and out of order, textures aren't in the right place, gaps on the walls, etc.). It happens to any game but the overall problem is the graphics card. Sometimes it happens while I'm on the desktop as well but it isn't as bad as when compared to playing a Direct 3D game. The only problem I think is going on is that its overheating because it runs fine when I open the side case of my computer chassis and let it get some air and cool off. Bit disappointing for me though because I have about 5 Fans as it is (6 including the CPU fan). But they're not strong enough so thats a reason why it gets to about 92-105 internally. Not good for me and alot of you might think I'm nuts, lol. The only option I think you can do is to download and install new graphics drivers @ www.ati.com and go to Customer Support. Just pick the correct Driver for the graphics and operating system, install, and the problem should be fixed. Another possibility is installing the latest DirectX drivers @ www.microsoft.com/directx. If those two methods dont work then just buy some chassis fans :D - hope this helps.
  3. greyz

    greyz TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    i tryed most of that already but no difference.. this is aweful it seems to have gotten worce and now all my games are crashing after 3minutes!
    some people have been saying its overheated and going faulty so i have a question if anyone knows about this.

    on this pc it has 3 gauges on the tower under my dvd-rom drives and they display
    1 : VOLT
    2 : VU
    3 : TEMP
    the tempreture is 30degrees i dont think thats the problem though my old pc went upto 50degrees!
    next to the gauges it has sliders to turn the power/voltage to minimum or max
    what should i set it to? right now its at minimum..
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