Radeon 9800 Unwanted Polygons [I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING]

By feenjean87 ยท 5 replies
Feb 20, 2006
  1. Hello! I am practically Desperate for help. I have read multiple Threads about similar problems with the radeon 9800 pro. But all of these "fixes" have had no effect on my situation.the problem isn't frame rate or even using my desktop it's when playing any 3d game. The card just decides it would be cool to put random polygons iinto my games. I have the Latest Via Chipset Drivers and i also just flashed my bios for my abit- kv8 pro to the newest version which would be version 24. I have turned fastwrite off i have under clocked it i have dont everything i can think of but the car will not budge. Does anyone know what the heck i can do to fix this annoying problem? Thank-you
  2. dopefisher

    dopefisher TS Rookie Posts: 444

    have you ran the directx diagnostic utility? also, try uninstalling/reinstalling your video card drivers, and uninstalling/reinstalling directx 9.1. if you dont know how to run directx diagnostics, go to start menu - run - type dxdiag and hit enter. go to the video tab and test direct3d.

    also, after you uninstall your video card drivers, download driver cleaner pro and clean with the ati filter. this will make sure your drivers are completely gone and prevent conflicts when installing new drivers. get it here
  3. someone124

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    is it a new card? i think ATi has a 3 year warranty, and so do most of the manufacturers, so you might want to RMA it. i got a similar thing with my 9700pro after i had reinstalled the cooler, and i sent it back to them and they gave me a new one even though the cooler had been replaced, and it worked. ATI has really great service, so don't be afraid to use it ;)
  4. feenjean87

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    Well it's sort of a new card? I mean i bought it off a friend and all and i also replaced the ****ty heat sink. So i have no idea what to do you know? I was hoping there was a solution as for drivers my computer is clean. But thanx for the advice. Does anyone else know of anything that would fix my random polygon problem?
  5. feenjean87

    feenjean87 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright, so i sent the crd back to ATI... They have pretty good tech support. I also purchased another radeon 9800 pro but i bought the 256mb model, And now that has died too... I dont see how this has happened twice in a row... ANYone do you have a solution?
  6. Nukey

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    There is definately something conflicting between your motherboard and graphics card for it to be dying like that. ATI make very reliable cards and so its probably a deep-end hardware issue. Maybe you should try a different model, like an x600/x700 or something. Other than that it's probably a motherboard problem
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