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Jun 22, 2005
  1. Hello,
    i bought a Radeon9800Pro, but when I stuck it in my computer, the computer said it was a 9800XT! I did everything according the manual, uninstalled old drivers, and then installed the drivers from the cd. I've also heard about this "9800Pro bios -> 9800XT bios" or something but i haven't done it. Why i'm complaining? Because my system is unstable and I have to "underclock" my GFX to make some strange things disappear. Now I have Engine Clock 359MHz/Memory Clock 319MHz.
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    Did you buy this 9800 pro brand new or did you buy it off ebay or from sumone. It seems like your 9800 pro has gone through a bios change which will register it as 9800 XT on your system and by default will run at 9800 XT speeds i know this becuase i did that on my 9800 pro before.

    The reason you are getting those "strange things" is usually cuz your video card is heating up. What you could do is either change the bios back to the 9800 Pro, cool your inside of the computer so your card can run stable at 9800 XT speeds or you could just use the overclocking softwares and continue to underclock your card.

    Whats strange is that the default 9800 pro speeds are 380 / 340 and 9800 XT speeds are 412 / 365 you seem to be running even lower than default 9800 Pro. I think its cuz of the cooling in your computer but i am sure other people in the forum mite have some other suggestions as well. Hope this helps....

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    Thanks for your answer and sorry for delay,
    I bought my card brand new. I don't understand why it says it's XT, but can you tell me how can I do that 9800 Pro bios?
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    This mite help you the following is a website with the bios for most manufacturers and graphics cards:


    Bios flashing is a tricky procedure and i would not suggest this if you are a noob at this. you will need to get a program called flashrom and boot up in dos mode to execute this. Just type in bios flash 9800 pro in google and you will get the instructions for it.

    I would still suggest in keeping your card permanently underclocked rather than going the bios flash way.

    Try this out BEFORE you decide to change the bios, take the side of your case off put a fan next to your case and run your computer and see if you run into artifacts again. If you dont then you know its a cooling issue and all you need to do is get more fans inside your case. If you still get those artifacts it mite not be the bios or the heat but it could be the ram on your card or just a defective card you got. Let me know what works for you. Good luck :wave:
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    Put a fan next to it, first put 412/364 (xt thingys), still got artifacts, then put 380/340 (pro thingys), no problems yet. I'll try it more later today when I get my WoW. I'll let you know if it screws up again. So far, thanks for your help I appreciate it dude! :grinthumb
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