Radeon RX 6600 XT vs. GeForce RTX 3060: Tested in 30 Games

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Card priced a bit higher than the 3060, gives better performance than a 3060 (when used under 4k). Hopefully you guys feel the same about the 3060 being a scam.

Sadly, neither card has seen their MSRP pricing since launch day and now both cards sit in the $450-600 range.
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Oh, you're not referring to their literal technical ability to run, but merely to their outdated visuals? That is purely a matter of preference, and while I usually agree and do myself struggle to play older games with their dated visuals I have very recently completed playthroughs of the original Borderlands (12 years old), Dishonored (9 years old) and Skyrim (10 years old) without any problems.

Further, there are plenty of people (though I and apparently you as well, are not amongst them) who are perfectly happy to play games as old as Morrowind
I find that visuals which are inferior to today's are easily ignored. Hell, I found hours of enjoyment playing the original Starflight from 1986 the other day using DOSBOX. I'm kinda blessed in that the first video games I played were on the Atari 2600. I had learnt to use my imagination to supplement the meagre graphics and have done so automatically to this day. I actually still enjoy busting out the old Wolfenstein 3D and gunning down those horribly-pixelated Nazis. :laughing:
I’m currently using an RX480 and I need an upgrade. The 6600XT is the only card available at MSRP and I’m not touching it. I’m never buying Radeon again after the appalling experience I’ve had over the last 5 years. It’s not worth the frustration.

I’m hoping Intel can pick up AMDs slack because I’m getting tired of AMD consistently failing. Nvidia effectively have a monopoly right now and their products would be a lot cheaper if they had any competent competition.

Can you elaborate?

im not doubting your experience, because I do hear it a lot, even from a close friend who went AMD due to availability after being Nvidia for a long time.

I cant really argue the point either, because I have always been AMD for the last 10 years (mind you thats only 2 pcs and about 3 GPUs in that time)

ive had a HD5850, r9 280X, Rx580. ive also had some friends go from intel and nvidia over to all AMD and not have any complaints at all. and in my limited experience, I've not had issues with my AMD cards in regards to bugginess or driver problems. (again, im not saying they dont exist).

but yeah, just interested is all.