Radeon x1300 Display Problem,  Help!

By Meshuggah27
Jan 9, 2007
  1. My desktop and everything displays and loads fine. When loading programs it works fine. But when i go into games it displays things but it displays them in boxes.

    For example, I tried to play Company of heroes, And all the trees, and the soldiers, and everything else pretty much was boxes.

    Then i tried Rome Total War (Older game) and the same problem. The only way i could tell the difference between the horse and a soldier was the horse was a block with little blocks under it.

    THEN, I tried Titan Quest. I couldnt even get into the game because all of the menu buttons were blocks and i couldnt make out anything.

    I removed ALL the ATI drivers, Re-installed them, Removed them again and installed the Omega drivers and still the same problem. I havent tried reformatting yet and i hope i dont have to, But if i do then thats not a problem.
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