Radeon x200 glide error?

By macadamie
Oct 17, 2007
  1. I have a new eMachines computer and bought the Sims to play on it. Game loads fine, but when I use my arrow keys to move about the screen the game crashes. I have a Radeon x200 series video card. I've updated this according to Radeon's site with the newest ATI driver. I looked under the Sims tech guide and it said to search for glide2x.dll. It's not on my computer. I downloaded it and put it under the system32 folder, but this doesn't do anything, game still crashes. It's obvious I have no idea what I'm doing, but I was wondering if anyone could care to explain to me what you think may be going wrong. I've got a lot of these Sims games and I'm very peeved I can't get them to play. Any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated!
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    Have you tried loading any other games on the system?
  3. macadamie

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    I've loaded a couple of small games (Virtual Villagers and Hidden Expedition: Everest) but the only other "big" game is Panzer General: Scorched Earth. This game uses the arrow keys to move around quickly, and it works. My brother tried to put Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on here and the game comes on but graphics are really really choppy. I told him it was because there isn't enough memory on the computer and he can't play it. There's only 512 DDR. The Sims loads quickly, though, so I don't think RAM would play a factor in this issue.

    I have Black & White, but I'd have to find it to install it.
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    A lot of games are known to be screwed with Radeon drivers. Someone else may have a solution, but I dont play Sims at all. Hopefully someone can come with a better solution.
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