Radeon X700 Problems

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Sep 3, 2005
  1. I've just installed a Sapphire Radeon X700 256Mb AGP card to my PC. I've installed the drivers on the installation disc. After installing Doom3 and Farcry I am having problems running them.

    Doom3 is unstable once loaded. Sometimes the game will be closed when I try to start a new game and I will be returned to the desktop. On other occasions it suddenly closes mid-load of a new game.

    Farcry, again, sometimes loads and sometimes doesn't. When it does load, there are a lot of graphical glitches and weird psychadelic environments.

    Could anyone give me any tips to resolve these issues? I'm just about going mad! :confused:

    System Specs:
    P4 3.4ghz
    1Gb Ram
    300W psu
    windows XP
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    300 watt psu? you need something on the order of 420watts or better. when buying a supply, go with a name brand quality supply (raidmax, antec, enermax are two examples)
  3. Djcooran

    Djcooran TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It was suggested that I had a problem with my card, which I have now changed for another of the same model.

    On the first try, Farcry loaded and ran. However, on trying to run Doom3 after this and then Farcry again, it did not work and I experienced the same problem before.

    Could it possible be a problem with the system overheating?
  4. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    It could be any number of things, including overheating or poor power. But these are only two possible causes out of dozens. Frugality would suggest pursuing the free/laborious possibilities first though- then finally adding case fans (or pointing a floor fan directly at the open case) or purchasing a better power supply.

    I'm also assuming you've already tried installing the motherboard chipset (and AGP chipset, if applicable though not usually applicable with Intels unless you have a VIA or SiS chipset generally). If not, do this first and try.

    Other possible causes (aside from chipset/agp drivers) can be incorrectly installed or conflicting drivers. I'd recommend the following "CLEAN INSTALL" steps prior to going much further:
    1) Hit www.drivercleaner.net and get Driver Cleaner Pro. Install it, run the Live Update, but DO NOT RUN IT. Close it after running Live Update.

    2) Hit www.ati.com and download the 5.7 Catalyst drivers (5.8's do have a couple problems, but they may not effect you. I'd say START with the 5.7's for best results, then repeat the process again if you wish to try the 5.8s). Get the Control Panel version for simplicity. The direct link is:
    Download and SAVE THESE TO YOUR DESKTOP (i.e. don't install them yet).

    3) Now, hit the Control Panel: Add/Remove Programs. Find the programs (you may not have all of them) and uninstall them in this order. Do NOT restart until the FINAL uninstall. (i.e. click No or "I'll restart Later" buttons after each):
    ATI Multimedia Center
    ATI DVD Decoder
    ATI Control Panel (or ATI Catalyst Control Center)
    ATI Display Driver
    ATI Software Uninstall Utility.

    4) After the final install, YANK THE NETWORK CABLE so as there is NO BROADBAND or INTERNET ACCESS. Leave it disconnected until much later.

    5) Go ahead and restart, but this time boot into Safe Mode (Press and hold F8 after your BIOS/memory test screens and select "Safe Mode" at the top, then Windows XP on the second screen).

    6) Log-in as Administrator in Safe Mode.

    7) Browse your computer to C:\Program Files\Driver Cleaner Pro and double click on the program (there will be no shortcut desktop or start menu for administrator).

    8) Run Driver Cleaner Pro- select "Multiple Cleaning Filters" and select ALL the ATI ones (add them to the right box). Don't worry about one's you don't have. They don't matter and wont hurt to add anyways. If you had another brand videocard prior, I'd also recommend adding their filters (example: NVidia, SiS, S3, etc.etc.) Once all are selected, run the cleaner.

    9) Once the cleaning is completed, restart the computer but let it boot up in Normal mode (don't interrupt normal boot process).

    10) On desktop, you may get two Add New Hardware pop-ups. Just hit Cancel to them both.

    11) Run the 5.7 Catalyst driver, express install on your desktop from #2 above.

    12) Once this is completed, go ahead and select OK to Restart your computer.

    13) Let your computer restart and settle to the desktop for several minutes, you can now reconnect your broadband/internet (and reboot if needed, albeit highly unlikely).

    Test your games. These steps above almost 99.9% of the time assure properly installed, clean drivers with no remnants.
  5. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    a 300 watt supply cannot properly power your setup. you need to acquire a better model as suggested, whether it is causing your current problems or not.
  6. Djcooran

    Djcooran TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sharkfood, in relation to the section of your post:

    "I'm also assuming you've already tried installing the motherboard chipset (and AGP chipset, if applicable though not usually applicable with Intels unless you have a VIA or SiS chipset generally). If not, do this first and try."

    I've ran AIDA32 and found my chipset is a SiS661FX, so I think doing what you suggested here may be a starting point. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue where to start installing a motherboard chipset/AGP chipset.

    Know any good links to an *****s guide? :)
  7. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    We need to discover what exact mainboard/chipset your system has. Sometimes this can be found in dxdiag (start menu, run. Then type dxdiag. Hit the "Save All Information" button at the bottom of dxdiag and save to a file on your desktop. The top section *sometimes* will list the mainboard in the system information, but not always).

    Other than that, it's sometimes silk-screened on the mainboard itself. Brand/model or a sticker somewhere. If it's an OEM system (like a Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, etc.etc.) the model number on the case would also yield us where to get the proper agp/chipset drivers.

    If you want to try the Reference AGP drivers, try here:
    Select Chipset, AGP Gart and Windows XP

    Also, I have to disagree with the power supply being the *obvious* problem. The X700 series, from ATI, has a minimum requirement for a 250W power supply. The X800 series- 300W. NVidia is more commonly a problem with this as their newer GT/NV40 models stipulate the desire for a whopping 485W PSU. I've got a number of X800 XT/XL systems with P4/1gig/X800 XL's running on 300W PSU's with *NO* problems. You SHOULD consider an upgrade, and it may very well be your 300W is old, weak or a cheap/poor unit even brand new... but I'd go this route if and only if driver and chipset paths do not yield help... and even if they do, put a mental note that upgrading the PSU down the road should become a priority for good measure.
  8. Djcooran

    Djcooran TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've downloaded SIS drivers for sound, integrated graphics, IDE and ethernet. I'll do this and follow your suggestions above and see how i go.

  9. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    Hello again Djcooran,

    Eeek! I wouldn't recommend installing those other drivers. Just the AGP Gart driver.

    There is no assurance your mainboard will work with the Reference drivers from SiS as the mainboard manufacturers versions is sometimes more reliable due to BIOS or small hardware changes. It's worth trying for the AGP issues you're encountering, but I'd hold off on the ide/integrated sound/network drivers. It's also possible your mainboard may not even have SiS chips for those pieces as some may mix/match from 3rd party vendors.
  10. akvirgo_75m

    akvirgo_75m TS Rookie

    Another good one...

    Another good program to see what mobo you have, and what it is capable of can be found here:


    Hope it helps!

    P.S. Download the Lite version... =P

    ABIT KD7/KT400 Mobo, AMD Athlon XP 2500+ overclocked to 3000+ specs, 1 Gig 333mhz DDR RAM, Gainward Ti4800 Vid Card w/128 Megs RAM, 40 Gig Internal 7200rpm HDD, WD 80 Gig External USB 2.0 HDD
  11. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    As for the power supply being enough or not, really we are all just taking guesses as only HE knows what his system has plugged into it.

    djcooran, go HERE to calculate your power needs. Add 30% to what it tells you, as you don't want your PSU running at full power all the time. My guess is, you probably do need a new PSU with that card.
  12. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    i reccomend cpu-z to find your board/chipset info. perhaps you could look in the bios to see what voltages your board detects.
  13. TBundy505

    TBundy505 TS Rookie

    I've faced the same problem with the ati apollo radeon x700, only with the games Civilization 4 & Fable: the lsot chapters. I tried the steps with using the driver cleaner, it worked for liek 10 minutes. [​IMG]
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