Radeon x700 problems

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Oct 31, 2006
  1. Hey, Im fairly new with this so dont laugh if its somthing obvious. When I Bought my computer 3-4 years ago I just played my games with the stock video driver(i dont know what its called) but its built into my motherboard or somthing. I bought a game called World of Warcraft and played it with the stock graphics card and it played fine. After that I bought a few more games such as Half-life 2 and Battlefield 2 and it said I needed a Graphics card capable of directx 9. So I went to CompUSA and asked the staff which card would be best for my system and they reccomended the Radeon x700 pro series, so I bought it and installed it with few problems. For about 6 months I played the "High End" games with no problem(My FPS in HL2 was around 100+) Now recently, When ever I play any game thats came out in the past 5 years my computer screen goes blank, loses signal, fills up with random colors, or just resets. Ive been dealing with this problem for a couple weeks trying all kinds of things trying to fix it. Ive opened My computer to see if the fan on my G-card has melted (as heard of in other posts) but it seemed fine.. A little dusty but fine. I hope I dont have to Upgrade my Card to play the games (like World of Warcraft) that i could play fine on my Older card. Help PLZZ :(
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    I'd suggest going to a computer store and getting a can of compressed air to blow the dust off your card. Dust insulates components to the point where they can overheat and malfunction. I think that this may be what is happening to your computer.
  3. ShaggyHatchet

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    Well, I pulled my card out and cleaned what ever dust was on it off and it still has the same problem, i even left the case off in a test to see how hot it was getting when it did it, but it wasnt hot just barely warm... this is a fairly new card so i hope it didnt break or somthing already. Is there anything else i should try?
  4. wolfram

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    What's your PSU (power supply) make and model?
  5. ShaggyHatchet

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    I have no idea... how would i check?
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