radeon x850XT reboots

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Nov 26, 2005
  1. Radeon x850XT reboots PC when loading games


    I've recently purchased a Sapphire Radeon X850 XT PCI-E, and am having trouble with supposed overheating. In the operating system (Windows XP Pro) the card functions perfectly* but when I load a game, an error message appears which suggests that the card is above optimum operating temperature [Keyword: 'Overheating'] and the computer will have to be shut down. Since the first occurance of the error message, it has not been seen again, however the problem persists. I've installed the drivers off of the provided CD, and those off of the website which have not solved the problem.

    * When the provided overclocking software is installed, and subsequently loaded the rebooting occurs in windows without having to load a game.

    The card is not overclocked at all; it is well ventilated and cool air is always coming from the fan grill on the card suggesting no large rise in temperature.

    I'm stumped. Any input from you would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,
  2. Sharkfood

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    Greetings Puzzah,
    As it's an XT series card, chances are it's overclocked by default as the newer ATI drivers have a feature called Overdrive. This automatically runs (and adjusts) GPU/memory clock speeds. It's also supposed to back-clock before they overheat!

    You should check to see if you have Overdrive enabled in the ATI drivers, and if so... try disabling it for a test.

    Also, there is a nifty tool from Ray Adams called ATI Tray Tools. I'd recommend google/downloading this and trying it out. It allows you to monitor the GPU/MEMORY clocks, has a test that makes them run VERY hot in a window (to see if you truly have an overheating issue) and also allows you to tweak several things.

    If your case has poor ventilation, you should consider adding case fans to remove trapped heat generated by your videocard. In the mean time, you can:
    a) Disable Overdrive in the ATI drivers if it's enabled.
    b) Use ATI Tray Tool to test/adjust your GPU and MEM speeds down a tad.
    c) Use ATI Tray Tools to set the GPU fan speed at 100% at all times.

    Option C fixes this for a lot of users- since if the fan runs at 100%, it prevents the GPU from getting too hot... downward into the overheat zone.

    If it's peaking >90C regularly in ATI Tray Tools, chances are you have a bad card, bad fan or similar. Most X850's run about peak of 82-85C.. with possibly rare peaks into the 88-90C zone. If it's at or above 90C regularly, you have a cooling/card issue.
  3. PuzZah

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    Thanks for the swift reply.

    I've made sure Overdrive is disabled
    Tried GPU/MEM speeds at various lower levels including as low as they would go
    Put fan speed at 100% at all times

    Noticed something interesting... when I load TRIXX (The provided overclocking software) and quickly go to the 'Monitor' screen and stop the logo spinning (Stopping the 3D application) I get a nice temperature chart. The time it took me to stop the logo spinning shows a MASSIVE peak in the graph where the temperature rose off the visible scale, and the maximum temperature indicates 127+°C... I will post a picture of this ASAP.

    Another observation I made was a small burn on my hand from the chipset heatsync on the motherboard. Having accidently touched it I've burnt my finger and that surely shouldn't be that hot. The chipset heatsync is very close to the graphics card and I was wondering if the graphics card was heating that or that was heating the graphics card. (See attached picture 'motherboard.jpg' for an indication of which bit is scolding hot)

    Its a Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 Socket 939 nForce 4-4X PCI-E ATX Motherboard.

    Other specs in case useful are:

    ASPIRE Dreamer Midi 400W Silvr (Default PSU)
    Corsair Memory CMX1024 - 3200C2PT XMS3200 1GB 184DIMM CAS2
    Sapphire Technology Radeon X850XT 256MB PCI-E DVI-I VO
    AMD Athlon 64 4000+ Socket 939 1MB Inc Fan
    Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 Socket 939 nForce 4-4X PCI-E ATX
    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus10 80GB U133 (x2 in RAID 0)
    A 20GB IBM Deskstar just for the OS (No RAID)
    NEC DVD +/- DL RW

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  4. PuzZah

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    Another relevant point is that it doesn't spontainously reboot, it actually runs a standard shutdown as if you had clicked shutdown and closes windows safely. It is a completely fresh install of XP Pro and is running both AV and Anti-Spyware/malware software.

  5. Sharkfood

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    I would do several things to ensure this is a real problem and not one from faulty software or misread temp sensors.

    1- Get Driver Cleaner Pro at www.drivercleaner.net. Install it, run it's Live Update but don't run it (yet). It's meant to be run after control panel add/remove and also in Safe Mode, as Administrator with NO BROADBAND or internet connected.

    2- Download the Catalyst 5.11 drivers from ATI's website. If you have .NET 1.1 or 2.0, you can try the more bloated CCC version as it will properly support your temp sensor and Overdrive. Just save these to your desktop to have them handy for reboot/driver cleaner with no internet connected.

    3- Download ATI Tray Tools, but don't install it. You may not need it depending on how the 5.11's and their Overdrive panel works (or if it even shows up).

    Remove all the drivers you have installed, TRIXX and otherwise.. Then reboot in Safe Mode, Administrator. You'll have to browse My Computer, Program Files, Driver Cleaner Pro and find the executable manually as it does not make a shortcut for Administrator. Run it with Multiple Cleaners checked and ALL the ATI software's selected. Reboot (still with network disconnected) into Normal mode and install the 5.11's. Reboot when prompted.. after several minutes after reboot.. reboot one more time and you can reconnect your broadband.

    Do this and see if the CCC has an Overdrive panel within. This will more accurately show your GPU temp. If you have no Overdrive panel, go ahead and install ATI Tray Tools.. use it's test window to monitor your GPU temps. If they are still reading over 90C, you have a bad card.
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