radio on my 802.11 network adapter is still disabled

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Jul 9, 2006
  1. Ive tracked the problem to my networking problems and found out that my 'radio' is switched off. When i try to enable it i get an error message saying 'radio on my 802.11 network adapter is still disabled'

    How do i enable the radio. It is not Intel but athlon... i think... i am not sure if this is the wireless brand. Im not too familiar with computers and am trying to make sense of what someone else has told me... but they do not know how to change the radio from off

    Thankyou for your help!
  2. fastco

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    What radio are you talking about? The notebook wireless mini-pci card? If so there should be a button or switch on the notebook or a combination of keys to press like Function+F2. You can also enable the radio in the bios.
  3. lazycow29

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    Yes the radio that enables wireless networking... i have tried the key combination but it wont work. The light on my laptop lights up saying radio is on but it still isnt according to my wireless programme. Also i was told that it might be because i only have microsoft service pack 1 and that i need 2 to turn on the radio... is this true?
  4. fastco

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    You should get SP2 but No that's not true. Check the bios and make sure your wireless ROUTER has wireless turned on. They all have an option to turn on/off the wireless and just use as a wired router. Then double click the wireless icon in the system tray and make sure your router is being recognized, you could be getting interference from another wireless access point if there is one close to you.
  5. lazycow29

    lazycow29 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks very much for your help.. i will see if this makes a diffrence... im in england and its late here so im off to bed as i got work... will post tommorow to say what happens
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