raedon 9800 all in wonder - can't use TV caputure

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Dec 19, 2003
  1. I've have raedon 9800 all in wonder graphics card on my comp. To be truthful i'm a bit of novice when it comes technical stuff on my comp! My problem is i cant seem to be able to use my tv function. I put the TV areial in the back of the comp and ran the diagnostic test and it tells me that my cpu (being an athlon 2800) does not support MMX. Surely my cpu most be able to support the TV function, or is this not the case? All so Maybe I have not set it up right? I would appreciate any help
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Diagnostics is wrong, your CPU does support MMX. If it refuses to work because of that, I suggest either upgrading that application or using a different TV app.
  3. tripleione

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    I agree. Dump the app and get a new one.
  4. DaveSylvia

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    Just thought I'd like to add something here. Early MMX enabled programs didn't check if the cpu supported MMX. Instead they looked for the brand of cpu, namely if it was an Intel cpu. Unless there is a patch for your program to fix this problem, you are out of luck in getting it to work on an AMD cpu. Pretty lame I agree. Damn those shody programmers!!
  5. Mictlantecuhtli

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    ATI Multimedia Center "PC Check" - MMX architecture not detected
  6. BrownPaper

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    download ATI MMC 8.8. the MMX issue has been resolved (somewhat).

    get it from here: http://www.ati.com/support/driver.html

    it is a big download so unless you got broadband, have a lot patience.

    btw, the TV function still worked on my AIW 9800pro with previous MMC versions despite what the configuration utility said.

    the funny thing is that i have a P4 and the program still said i did not have MMX. even intels were not detected to have MMX! :rolleyes:
  7. Humz

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    I am struggling with ATI All in wonder 9000 card. I had 7500 card. TV capture with recorder worked fine with WinMe and Win 98. I lost 98 hard drive. I had macfee and it worked fine with it. Untill my Mcfee expired and I got Norton and installed it.

    Now the TV was working fine ( MMC 8.5) . I have AMD athlon K7 1.33 GHz, it was also telling MMX is not supported but it was still working untill I think I went for Norton. TV application worked fine. but when i closed the application it made whole pc hang. So i tried to update new drivers and it did not work. Now I cannot even get tv working so i reinstalled My old OS using back up image file.

    Also at the same time I went for WINXP. now nothing works but simple display with it. I tried several ways to make it work, one time only tv capture worked but not the recording part. All versions of ATI cards are tricky, they dont have no customer support at all. And their driver had so many issues, for some one it works and many out there its not working. When it works it is really nice card to have on your pc. But when it does not( I have seen many ppl it does not work for.)its a real pain.
    what is your OS? I bought 9000 to replace 7500 just coz older one does not have Winxp support, and the truth is 9000 says it will work with XP, it still does not work for me and I am still trying.

    I will guide you to uninstall the whole drivers stuff u installed on your pc and restart it if you want. Coz I have done it thousand times. Now I am an expert on how to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for ATI card.

    Let me know.


  8. MAIW

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    I had the same problem with my Hercules AIW 9800SE. I have an Athlon as well but it's got nothing to do with that. I went to http://www.hercules/.com went to their support site and in there was my answer. I had DirectX 9.0b installed. Apparently there is a issue with this release that appears to stop non NTSC TV tuners in ATI products from functioning properly. So I went to the link that the site gives and from there i was able to download the patch to fix the DirectX 9.0b problem. I installed it and lo and behold, it worked!!!. Before i tried to run TV i uninstalled the MutliMedia Centre 8.8 and reinstalled Just the TV part in case. When the TV software was run the TV Channels Initialisation dialog box appeared (hooray!!!) and I ran the exhaustive scan. Got about 14 channels including my ntl decoder channel and my video channel. Here's the link for the DirectX 9.0b patch:


    Hope this helps.
  9. StormBringer

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    In my experience, Multimedia Center has quite a few issues, the main one being that it doesn't properly detect things, such as TV Wonder Cards that were used in machines with nVidia vid cards(it would say you had no vid card installed sometimes and refuse to work) there is also the MMX issue(which has allegedly been fixed) along with some other issues that it has with other apps(these could usually be fixed by uninstalling the conflicting app, but who wants to do that)

    The best solution I found(though it costs) is to use PVCR or another third party app for the TV and capture. I know this isn't what most people would like, since they expect the ATi app to work(I expected it to work as well)
  10. Mictlantecuhtli

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    I thought they use PAL in the UK.
  11. Nic

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    Yes, its PAL here in the UK. I just received my Radeon 9800SE AIW card today, so some of the tips here will definitely come in handy. Thanks guys.
  12. MAIW

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    more info

    If PAL users have any tuning problems try this thread:


    It worked for me. I don't have stereo sound though. Hmmm....

    By the way I don't have an antenna, just a ntl cable feed which splits to my ntl decoder box as well.
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