Raid 0+1 and other issues.

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This is my System Spec:

Pentium 4 @ 3.0GHZ
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
Geforce FX5200 128MB DDR
Kingmax 2x512MD SDRAM DDR 400
PSU 380W Antec Sonata

I would like to know where do I go to learn more about & HOW TO:

1) Raid 0+1
2) 1:1 ratio (i know it has something to do with the ram)
3) Jump/ers (idk i read it somewhere on this site and was confused, it can be removed to do something idk)
4) Performace increase techniques overclocking and more

I just want to push my pc more.


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The best place to start is either searching on hardware forums like this site or search google.

Here's some info about RAID 0+1:

1:1 is the ratio of bus speed between the CPU and the RAM. So if the CPU is running at 200Mhz (base bus) and the memory is also at 200Mhz (base) it would be 1:1.

Jumpers could be anywhere in the PC, from the motherboard to the hard drives.

Overclocking info can be found on this site, anandtech, hardforum or use google.


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Before you attempt to over clock your pc you need to know what sort of temperatures it generates as standard as over clocking generates more heat. Get speedfan from the downloads section and monitor your systen for a while!!!

Overclocking will also use more power, your psu may not be up to it!!!
Go to and check how much power your system requires as is!!!


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thanks i will check out that out. also what do jumpers do? should i leave them on the HDD & MOBO or not?


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some jumpers perform different functions depending on what hardware its on and the function its made for. Most common examples:
BIOS/CMOS reset jumpers on the motherboard. Very usefull to get out of most sticky situations.
HDD/Optical drive settings - Master/Slave/Cable Select/manufacturer specific settings

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