Raid 0+1 file corruption (solutions?)

By killjoy888
Feb 9, 2005
  1. Hi I have a 4 disk raid 0+1 array with maxtor 6y160PO (160GB) as a storage drive for my desktop. Last night I was using the drive(s) (which was nearly full) when i began to experience file corruption errors when trying to access numerous files scandisk ran after reboot detecting various errors and upon logging back in the drive was still as full but 75% of the files were not shown. I assume there has been some sort of corruption of the MFT which has caused all this. I ran R studio NTFS which seems to be able to see most of my data so i could probably recover it this way although it would be terribly time consuming and require a large additional amount of space which i lack.
    My question is with this being a raid array is there a quick way to fix this without using the NTFS file recovery program.
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