RAID 0 Backup from boot backup program

By lhgordon
Jan 12, 2005
  1. I am new to this forum. Does anyone know how to modify a bootable backup program to load RAID drivers and which drivers would work with the program.
    I am considering Acronis, Ghost, and Bootitng. They all make bootable CDs or floppies but I dont think any of them will recognize my RAID array.
    I have an ABIt VT7 with a motherboard VIA RAID controller. I don't need to see the contents of the RAID partitions just the presence of the drive and the partitions to select for backup. I know this is possible since when I boot, the BIOS shows the raid drives present, but when Acronis boots it does not see them. Any suggestions is appreciated - but please no lectures on failure rates.

    Thanks - Lee Gordon
  2. roy44

    roy44 TS Rookie

    Mee Too

    Me too,

    I purchased Acronis based solely on the consensus of another chat that it would see the disk(s) image and not the independent drives. It doesn't. Even though the bios sees the raid array. Windows sees it only under the device manager but not under file explorer.

    Similar for part magic (ver 7 ?), and ghost. Maybe there's a later version of these programs which works. I am trying to move an image to the raid but the problem is the same regardless, namely hardware raid on the 680i is not complete and additional software is required to see the image and not the individual drives.

    I too am very interested in this problem.
  3. Nodsu

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    That's what you get with fakeraid.

    Your best bet is a newer Linux distro that supports your RAID. (Knoppix anyone?)

    BTW, if it's a Windows image you are trying to transfer and it was installed on a different storage controller, then it won't boot. You'd have to do a repair install (with the RAID driver floppy even).
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