RAID 0.. How do I stick my finger in the light socket?

By shortbean
Oct 12, 2007
  1. RAID 0.. How do I stick my finger in the light socket?

    I don't keep anything of importance on my gaming machine. I just play on it. Family photos finances with the secrets of alchemy are all on my family machines.

    I was running a RAID 0 on my game rig and was migrating it to a new family machine. I unplugged the RAID 0 drives and was moving some new 750 GB HDs in that machine and then re plugged the RAID 0's back in. I think I put them back in the same way but it quite possible When moving all the wires around I swapped some around. The RAID is not reporting which doesn't bother me. But I'm kinda looking to see if I could rebuild the array in some way. I guess I could plug the two plugs into all 6 SATA sockets in all combinations. what is that 6-1^2 or 25? With SATA sockets so weak I dread the thought.

    What other possible ways are there? This is more just a challenge than a loss of data. Gaining my favorite WWW site list back really isn't that important. This is more a chance for us to figure out possible solutions.

    I did look at this but it mostly deals with saving a dead drive
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    Maybe your RAID controller needs to be told to redetect the array configuration? Go into the RAID BIOS and see if you have an option there to load the RAID configuration from the drives.
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