Raid COntroller, 2 x 80 GB drives and a problem

By davewr
Nov 8, 2004
  1. I just bought a two channel raid controller (100/133) and two 80 GB drives (100). They only supplies one ribbon so I installed the two drives on the one ribbon (one being master and the other slave). Hey presto, it worked (meaning I could set up RAID 0).

    Not being happy with that and wanting the extra speed from using both channels, I bought an additional ribbon that is 133/100. I installed it and took one drive from the orignal ribbon.

    Firstly, I tried both as masters as I understood this is what you do. Secondly, tried one as master and one as slave. Thirdly, swapped that around. None of it worked as only one drive was picked up each time.

    Any ideas?
  2. WaxMo

    WaxMo TS Rookie

    hmm ... very strange.
    usually, the raid-controller should see both drives, not depending on what kind of ata-cable you're using.
    the raid-config is written to both drives, it is not fixed within the controller (= makes it possible to change the controller and "migrating" the raid-array(s) to another controller.

    maybe you can disable specified ata-channels on the controller-bios?

    did you try the original config with your master/slave@single-ribbon-setup again?
    maybe one hdd is damaged?

    do you see any of the harddrive attached to a "normal" ata-controller (DON'T BOOT, just check its presence at the bios!)

    maybe you should use a complete new set of 2 identical ata/133-cables...

    good luck! :)
    cheers ... waxmo.
  3. davewr

    davewr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Waxmo. I read somewhere that Wester Digital drives can do funny things with raid. One suggestion was to pull the jumpers off. I did that and hey presto it saw both as masters on separate cables.

    I am now capturing video with no frame losses.

    BRILLIANT! (said in a way like the Guiness ad)
  4. Craig

    Craig TS Rookie

    Hi Davewr

    I am having the same issue. I have an ATA PCI adaptor. I would like to add a 2'nd HDD. I am able to see this drive in the BIOS when both are connected as Masters (on seperate channels) however the PC does not know which drive to boot from and booting subsequently fails?

    Any ideas?

    I can read the drive when it is a Slave to the boot master.
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