Raid controller event message

By mikkyboy
Oct 24, 2006
  1. Been having a few problems for a while with my setup.
    The raid controller reports new event and when you look at this event it says something like BETI error or processing resets found. I have changed controller card twice, a new pair of disks Maxtor diamond 10 250 GB and the controller is a SI 3132. This pc has always crashed and fallen about when least expecting. Any body experienced BETI and what does it mean?
  2. Rick

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    I've never heard of BETI - find out for sure if this is the exact acronym the error gives you and it might lead us in the right direction. If you can get the exact error message, word for word, that would be a great help. Also, where do you see this error (Windows, RAID BIOS etc..)? Does it have any negative side effects (Slow, can't boot, can't access drives, etc...?).

    If you've replaced the RAID controller and your drives, then one may assume the issue lies elsewhere. It could be something as straight forward as a cable problem to something much more convoluted, like a specific incompatibility between your system board and that particular card and/or pair of drives. Who knows.... But hopefully you'll get it solved.

    The more info you can share, the more help you'll receive. :)
  3. mikkyboy

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    The error is shown in the event log which is accessable from the SATARAID5 array manager. Many types of errors appear but i have attached the the first event log tonight.

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  4. Rick

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    Well, most of that looks just like normal events to me, which is good. BETI doesn't seem to be related to your issues, which is another good thing because I've never heard of it. :)

    The errors that do show up though, seem to center around SRB (Shadow Register Block, I am assuming). The SRB is basically a copy of commands which operate the controller and your drives. I am unsure if the errors listed are serious or not, since I'm not familiar with the dirty details. Maybe try googling some of them? I also noticed "Device Removed" near the bottom. I wonder what that's about?

    Perhaps someone with more knowledge of this will chime in, but you can't go wrong with a firmware & driver update for your SATA RAID controller. Well, actually you can go wrong, but I think that would be the first thing I'd try. :)
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