Raid controllers or not?

By Leescan
Nov 23, 2006
  1. Hello all, this is my first post. I was wondering if anyone could explain a few things to me:

    I recently purchased a Dell 9150, mainly for Audio recording purpose using Nuendo 3 mainly, with my MOTU Firewire Audio Interface. It's running XP Media Center, and I've been led to belive this has caused the countless little wierd things that have happened with my MOTU over the last few months. And the fact that it's got loads of rubbish on i don't need led me to try a fresh install of XP Pro Service pack2.

    On trying, i got the message no hard disks found. Searching through the BIOS i found on the driver list that the 2 150Gb Sata drives were listed as not present, but there was an Array Raid driver present, i assume this is why it could not see any hard drives??

    After messing arroung in the BIOS i found some settings AHTP with Raid or somthing, Raid on and Combination. In the Combination mode it finally had the boot disk and began the install, sweet I thought. But on Completion, I relised it was only seeing one of the 150Gb drives??? Went back into the BIOS and changed the Raid Controller settings back to what it was, but low and behold it wouldn't boot up.

    Now I've been told i need to disable the Raid controller, and have spoke to Dell Tech Support and they say they can talk me through that process, but i'm unsure as to what is the best situation, I just was a simple fast PC that i'm in control of and understand, would i be better off with a simple 2 150Gb Hard Sata Hard drives master and slave or not???

    Any light that can be shed would be greatly appriciated???

    Thanks Alot
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