Raid...what is it?

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Nov 26, 2005
  1. can anyone tell me what Raid is i have read a whole webpage on it and im still confused (well kinda) i assume raid allows u to connect 2 sata hard drives to double the RPM speed so for example if u had 7200rpm on 1 and 7200rpm on the other raid will double that too 14400 rpm am i correct? is raid a port? like sata is or is it technology that is built into the board if so how do u get the raid function too work??...i was gona buy scsi hard drive that ran at 15000rpm but its a lil difficult to install a drive that is meant for a server into a pc.. does anyone have raid? ever used it b4? do u notice a diffrence when using raid?
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    Guess what? I need Help From ppl who have Raid or who have used it??????

    ok ppl read this i need someone who has had raid b4 to help me

    ok say i buy a motherboard with raid and also 2 hard drives that are from the same manufacture same speed and same capacity i install the 2 sata drives into there sata ports on the motherboard (assume that iv installed everything else ram cpu blah blah blah) and then I switch my computer on what next? Will raid automatically kick in or do i have to do more ???
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    Have a look in your mobo manual. Set-up should all be explained there.

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    mobo manual? my motherboard has no raid...if u read what i actually said u might be able to help me. maybe not

    there should be an auto ban for ppl that post silly answers like the 1 above GREAT HEY

    1 more time now.....DOES ANYONE HAVE RAID...please dont send me to a link or even worse link me to another thread If you are some one that has Raid or used raid can u explain the process of installing it i know i sound rude but how does 1 change when u are born like that anyway if u can help ppl i will be in your debt thanx
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    No. Your RPM (speed of the discs rotating) stays the same for all discs. That will never change. But the amount of work two drives can do is greater than a single drive. So the drives spin just as fast, but you have two drives working together to share the workload.

    In a perfect world, two hard drives would double the data transferred. So for example, copyiung a 1GB movie might only take half the time it usually does with a single drive. It's not perfect though and I won't go into great detail, but RAID increases data transfer speed slightly. Maybe as much as 50% in some instances... Maybe not at all. It depends on your equipment and what you do with your computer.

    When your average consumer refers to RAID, they usually mean 0, which is "striping". 0 is regarded as the fastest RAID. But there are other types as well, particularly ones that increase the safety of your data at the cost of performance or disk space or both.

    RAID 0 will usually consist of two drives. Perhaps a 120GB and a second 120GB. Together, these drives will appear as 240GB to all software on the computer. The RAID controller causes the two drives to act a single drive by splitting data over both of them. This makes both drives work at the same time for a common goal, reducing the work load on each other and getting a potential of twice as much work done. But real life is much more confusing and you'll never see that kind of performance increase.

    I liken it to a single and double lane highway. The speed limit is 55 MPH so the cars don't move any faster, but the double lane highway has twice as many cars traveling on it. So the two lane highway can handle twice the traffic... meaning it is faster by volume, not by speed.

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    Actually, from this description, it sounds like your motherboard has raid. One of my computers has an nforce 3 chipset, and it has a built in raid controller. I made all of the hardware connections, and went into the bios to activate raid for my two SATA drives. Then I pressed f10(probably only for this chipset), and created a single logical raid drive from what i had. Then I booted up (i had windows xp on another harddrive, a PATA drive set on primary) and installed the raid drivers. I'm not sure how ur hardware is setup, so if you could go into a bit of detail on that then it'd be good. Also, do you have an OS installed already?

    You need to work on how you communicate to people here, IMO. The way you roll makes people not want to help. Just a heads up for you.
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