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Nov 26, 2006
  1. I was wondering could I raid a 200g ide with a 250g and which raid would you recommend for gaming
  2. Rick

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    Certainly, but in many RAIDs you are limited by the smallest capacity drive in the array. So if you did something like RAID 0, it would look like 200 GB + 200 GB = 400 GB total.

    With 2 drives, you will be able to do JBOD, RAID 0 and RAID 1. RAID 0 will offer the best performance, 400GB capacity with no fault tolerance. RAID 1 will offer on-par or slightly decreased performance, 200GB capacity with excellent fault tolerance. JBOD will give you no increase in performance, no fault tolerance but will give you a full 450GB capacity.

    Maybe this sticky on RAID will help you as well.
  3. Prevs

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    thanks for the info, could you tell me how 2 sata2 hd raided would compare to w ide raided.
  4. Rick

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    SATA drives do not share cables so there is no need to set master/slave jumpers - its automatic. So SATA RAIDs are more hassle free than PATA (IDE) RAIDs.

    Also, the SATA interface has a definite speed advantage over PATA setups but the drives are not really any different, so the speed difference is negligible. There are some exceptions though, such as the Western Digital Raptor.
  5. Prevs

    Prevs TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 54

    The thing is I'm trying to biuld a basic gaming pc, I just bought a 7800GT on ebay, I currently have 1 200g ide. It would be cheaper for me to buy another 200g ide and raid them as opposed to buying 2 sata drives which would be more expensive. I want to know if the difference in speed between pata and sata justifies me spending the money on buying sata drives.
  6. N3051M

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    for a normal 7200rpm drive, i don't think much..

    to explain a bit, sata connectors have faster communications than the IDE, but its still limited on the hardware mechanics of the drive - how fast the drive can spin and read the data..

    you can't push air through a tube when there's no wind..
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