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Apr 6, 2006
  1. Ok i havent been able to get my memory to run in dual channel mode or put another 512 stick of ram in. i was told it may just be bios issues so i never toyed with it much. But today i updated my bios and triedto switch my ram around.
    Tried to put it in dual channel and nothing. So i just put both in the other set of slots then they were originally in. Come to find out they wouldnt even work in there at all. So would this have to do with one of those slots being out on my mobo? got it from newegg.com so would be able to send it back. just wanted to kno if there was a sure way to check this so i dont send it back get a new one and have the same problem thanks.
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    i went through that and didnt see anything about DIMM slots being bad or a way to check. its about the only thing i can think of because the memory works in the first 2 sets of slots but as soon as i moved them both over i got the error. Both pieces are ram came out of the same package so they are the same speed and everything. my mobo is an Asus A8N5X model and the ram is corsair 512.
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    Look in your mobo manual. It will tell you which dim slots you can use for 2 sticks of ram.

    I think you`ll find you need to use dim slots A1 and B1 only.

    Please see this page from your mobo manual.


    Regards Howard :)
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    ahh thanks for the advice took a look at the manual and it does say a1 and b1 only. but to my next question then. why wont it run in dual channel. or even let me stick another 512 stick in. The memory i have is on the list of supported memory but i still get beeps from the bios when i try and run it in dual channel or put 1.5 gigs in.
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    thanks for the help howard i went and look at the manual right after u replied at first and found youre right it can only go in a1 b1. but i still dont see why my memory wont run in dual channel. i looked at the manual and inserted it correctly as shown and i still getting beeps from the bios that there is a memory problem and not sure why.
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    I suppose it`s possible you have a ram problem.

    Go HERE and follow the instructions for testing your ram.

    Regards Howard :)
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