RAM/Motherboard Confliction

By RedVision_350
Jul 18, 2007
  1. Ok, so today I went to Fry's Electronics to up my memory from 512mb to 1GB. I bought Corsair Value Select, Dual Channel PC3200 DDR400 2X512mb sticks. When I installed the new RAM, I got a long series of beeps, so I turned the PC off, reseated the RAM, and it booted up, but after a successful POST, it hangs. When I try to enter Setup, it still hangs. I tried my old RAM (Kingston PC3200 DDR400 Dual stick 2x256MB), and now its doing the same thing. I haven't overclocked my CPU or anything. Power cables are all connected, the pins on the RAM aren't malformed or anything, and I've made sure to ground myself and unplug the power everytime I'm inside my case. Can someone help me?
  2. raybay

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    Value Select is not the same as regular DDR400. It is slower.
    This is a particular difficulty with certain ASUS motherboards.
    You will likely need to reset your BIOS to go back to the old and very good Kingston memory, then upgrade to memory that does not have "value" in the name... If it is an ASUS board, see their website as they post which memory brands and models work.
    If another motherboard, I would also check the sit of that board for the online manual of the board... or search for acceptable memory.
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