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Jul 5, 2005
  1. Hello,I have a question reguarding memory. I am currently building a pc (buying part by part until i have them all) I know exactly what mo bo ram g card psu and cpu i need. So far i have purchased my ram. I have khx3200 (400mhz) hyper x sdram. I know that it will work on the board that i am going to buy.My question is will it work on the board I currently have, until i get all the components to build my new pc.

    The board i have is a socket a (462) m848 series with 512 mb of ram :dead: . Thats all the info i have on the board i dont know what brand it is as i cannot find it any where.One site said pc-chips b grade board but i dont know if "pc-chips" is the manufacturer.

    Anyway it has 2 memory slots upgradable to 2 ddr333 modules up to 2 gb. Until i come up with the other $1400 or so I have this ram just sitting around. I was wondering if the 400 mhz ram will run at 333 mhz and if so is this a bad idea as far as,Is this hazardous to the ram or any other components on my pc?
  2. whats up dude
    just wanted to let you know (and i'm sorry ahead of time)
    pc-chips is got to be the cheapest cr@p i,ve ever seen

    Anyways i'll look around.
    I had same problem with customers computer
    finding out what the mo bo was
    If I'm correct niether the 2 big chips (north and south)cant be read
    except for pc-chips
    This one ended up being an ecs state of the art bargin basement
    10 for a $1 board

    goto (not sure if this is ok) here
    one popup (and you can say no to the language or java download thingy )no junk or spam
    download sandrasisoft left side 3rd down
    install very simple (open .nfo with notepad)
    run program
    this app will tell you not just the mo bo but the numbers of your bios without
    ever opening the pc

    just run i think system summery. and well you will figure it out

  3. BuLisTiK

    BuLisTiK TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Says the board is and ecs m848, with the ddr 400 hyperx run on the 333 max speed or will the memory not work?
  4. if your online give me about 10 minutes and i'll research the board
    does it have 3 mem slots and what is the processor speed

    you might of said that i'll go look at the post

    15 min then sothern califonia 9:10 pm
  5. !EW i read the first post you have 2 slots I'm not sure where I read it
    but I think thats the deciding factor

    not sure if overclocking to 400fsb would be possible with pc3200 ram on this board.

    10 more minuts

    PC Chips Electronics S.A.R.L.
    Central Parc, Lot G30, 255 Bld. Robert Ballanger, 3 Allee de L'Epervier, 93420 Villepinte, France.
    Tel: +33-1-4151-1070
    Fax: +33-1-4963-2669
  6. The only information that seems easily available is the ECS L7S7A2. I read the spec on that and wasn't sure if overclocking to 400fsb would be possible with pc3200 ram on this board. It handles 400ddr ram but gives max fsb as 333.

    You can read up a bit on the board here here
    here with the OC bios it should do 200+...

    Just remember Only try to overclock if you feel comfy doing it or your like me and don't give a sh%t if you gotta drop a $1000 cause you broke something

    and definetly go read the specs your self(make sure i'm giving it to you straight) ,there are a lot of pranksters in this world

    i uploaded some pics of boards
    let me know what you figure out
    even if it's what i said
    that way a year from now everyone can benifit
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